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Top 7 Smartphone Apps for Productive Copywriting



Copywriting is not an easy task for most individuals as they struggle to write in a professional manner. The majority of copywriters tussle to write in a proficient tone. If you are one of them, fret not. With professional help from custom paper writing companies such as Essayzoo, you can garner some tips and techniques that you can use to learn how to copy write well. Additionally, there are various programs you can access through your phones for practice and training. These programs can help with your grammar as well as reading. Moreover, they can warranty they you gain new skills that will profit you.

Top 7 Smartphone Apps for Productive Copywriting

As a copywriter, you need to learn new skills with every client you take on. The majority may be used to a particular copywriting style. But, they also need to learn a new format fast for distinctive projects. When clients request that your writing style features a more proficient tone, there are a plethora of easy copywriter tools that you can use on your mobile device. This software, for instance, SEO copywriting tools provide you with useful techniques, grammar checks as well as direction on how to draft copies in a professional tone, allowing you to take on more customers who prefer your style. So, to learn how to improve writing skills and increase productivity in copywriting, consider the following programs. 


Missing an appointment or getting to know about one at the very last minute can be detrimental to your professional status. As a copywriter, you want to make the best impression, and this starts with being prompt. GoToMeeting is one of the best apps for writers that works as a virtual assistant. It creates your appointments and sends beneficial reminders so that you show up to appointments on time with your customers. 

Even if you do not want to meet in person, this software permits you to set up conference calls with your customers from the comfort of your houses. The best part about utilizing GoToMeeting is that it is not hard to operate. It provides you with all the necessary training to comprehend its service. It works well on all iPad, Android, and iPhone devices. 


Grammarly is one of the best writing apps that you can use to warranty productivity in copywriting. As a writing assistant, it provides articulate, practical writing recommendations that work where you work. Hence, this promotes a better understanding between you and your clients. This software can aid with your grammar, precision, spelling, brevity, readability, and punctuation among other things. You can use this app on your laptop or via its website. 


Most writers presume that the Evernote app is similar to the notepads they have on their smartphone devices. Well, that is not the case. This program records and organizes your notes in a manner that ensures productivity. Not only can you type out notes for a reminder but can also record videos, voice memos as well as incorporate photos among other things. As one of the best free writing apps, you have nothing to worry about your integral information getting lost into cyberspace. 

After you input your list, notes, or speech work, the app locks it away in a safe place where you can access it at all times. And, if you forget the file you create, this software provides you with the search feature so that you can always find it (them). The Evernote app is the ideal and perfect option for all electronic devices. 

Google Docs

Google Docs is an online word processor that you can use to create and format documents. Additionally, you can utilize it to work with other people. As one of the most efficient writing apps, it can help you finish most of your pending and upcoming writing projects fast. As aforementioned, it is an online program that you can use to collaborate with another individual such as a co-author or editor on a writing project. 

Instead of each of you working on their part on a single project, you can work on it together at a go to save time. Additionally, you can make changes there and then as you go on. 


Medium is an efficient and useful blogging app that you can use to warranty productivity in your writing. This earn to write application allows you to share your ideas and stories with people from all over the world. Medium is the home of most illustrious and eminent publications. Moreover, it is the perfect place to publish your writing if you have an interest in making your outlooks and experiences available to a massive audience. 

Microsoft Word

As a student, managing your academic writing assignments can be overwhelming and nerve-wracking if you have deadlines to beat. Additionally, if you work on them in an environment full of distractions such as social media temptations, notifications, friends, and other online interrupters, it will be difficult for you to complete them. So, instead of struggling with them, you may opt to ask for professional writing help from

Well, these writing services can help you in immense ways. But, you can also the Microsoft Word app and manage your projects without any interruptions. As one of the most common and used word processors, Microsoft Word is efficient in ensuring that you focus on your writing. It has a focus mode feature that allows you to hide Word’s toolbars thereby enabling minimal or no distractions. You can use this program on Windows or Mac. 


If you meet up with clients in person and close the deal(s), you can opt for cash payment or traditional check. However, this a time-consuming task, more so if your clients have to rush to the bank during your transaction. So, how can you end all these? 

With the Square software, life can be easy for you as well as your clients. This program has an app that accepts debit and credit cards in an instantaneous manner. It incorporates a card reader that your clients can use to process their payments faster and in an efficient manner than the traditional means. But, to use it, you need to buy the app as well as the supporting technology. 

In conclusion, you have to be at your game at all times as a copywriter. Between planning appointments, creating essays for your customers, maintaining an outstanding professional reputation, and performing transactions, things can overwhelm you very fast. Rather than crumble under the pressure, consider utilizing the best writing apps for iPad, iPhone, or Android devices above to make your job easier and more interesting.

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