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This Is How to Become a Better Artist


The sad truth is that most of will never become a famous artist. We will never reach the top of the charts. We will never capture the limelight.

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This Is How to Become a Better Artist

Most people give up for one reason or another. Being an artist is too difficult, too time-consuming, or unsustainable financially.

What sets apart the good from the great? Regardless of where you are on your artist path—there are things we can do to better our artistic value.

To learn how to become a better artist—read our guide below!

Embrace the Beginner Stage

When you first start with anything, you aren’t going to be very good. This is 100% okay to accept this reality.

By embracing your beginner stage, you will learn that much faster. Put stuff out there that is deliberately horrible. Be okay with this. We all have to start somewhere.

This is the stage where you learn the most. Don’t beat yourself up either. See it as a positive growth opportunity on how to become a better artist.


The number one thing to do to become a better artist is to practice. This may come off as obvious advice, but hear us out.

Your favorite artists put countless hours into their works. When you have your hand in your work, you keep your mind sharp and active. If you don’t use it, you may lose it.

By getting into the action phase, you hone your skills faster. Don’t put your saw down, so it becomes dull. Keep your hands active, and you will see how much it pays off.


Pay attention to your favorite artists. See what others do, not to be a copycat, but to reinterpret their ideas.

All great artists do this. This is especially helpful if you are feeling stuck in your flow.

Listening to interviews with your favorite artists is a great thing to do. Learning how others operate will open yourself up artistically. You will gain insights and knowledge by entering their minds.


How can you get into the flow state easier? One of the best ways to start is by speaking it into existence. Allow yourself to open up and talk to the Universe.

Talk to the Universe as if it’s your friend (because they are). When you get out of your way, you open yourself up. When this happens, you are allowing for things to flow through you.

This is something you must experience on a personal level. Another way to think of it is by not thinking so much. When you are too in your head, nothing is happening with your creation.

Thinking is apart of the process, but it is not the whole. It is best to learn by doing.


Put your work out in the open. You can be your own private artist. This is fine, but others won’t notice you nearly as much.

Put yourself out there and share your work. Social media is an easy way to do this. By posting your stuff online, you will become that much more intelligent as an artist.

Provide Value

Be real with yourself. Are you providing value?

The thing that determines what creates value is other people. Yes, people decide what determines value.

Let this sink in. To become a better artist, we must provide actual value to people. If people like our work, that is a good indicator we are doing something right.

Use This Advice on How to Become a Better Artist

Follow our artist tips to put yourself on the right path. Becoming a better artist takes time. To be a great artist, you must develop the skills necessary.

Be sure to read our articles on developing your skills to become a great artist!

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