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The Best Halloween Costumes Ideas For 2022



Halloween Costumes

A few more weeks to go and Halloween is already upon us! This is one of the most-awaited celebrations of the year, and most people go crazy to prepare for Halloween day. The reason is none other than during Halloween we will get the chance to play dress-up and don a costume of our favorite characters. Yes, we said your favorite characters! It’s not like you have to always dress as a ghost or scary thing during the Halloween party. There is no rule set in stone regarding this. So you can definitely dress however you like!

For those who haven’t got any ideas about what costume you want to wear, we are here to help you out. There are lots of inspirations coming your way, be it for the past character that is just too iconic to miss out – or even a new favorite character that steals our attention completely. This year we’re going all out!

The Addams Family

The Addams Family may have been created years ago – but it does not mean that their influence has diminished as the years passed by. If you are going out with your whole family, you can dress up as the Addams Family for this year’s Halloween. It might seem too classic, but well if you strive for something spooky but not too gore and difficult to do – then the Addams is the perfect choice.

You just need a striped suit for Gomez Addams character, a black long gown for Morticia Addams, stripe tees for Pugsley, and a black collared dress for Wednesday Addams. To get deeper into the character of Morticia and Wednesday, you can just follow suit with their hairstyle and also apply makeup that can make you look pale.

Daisy Buchanan

If you want to look glamorous on Halloween, then re-creating Daisy Buchanan’s look from the iconic The Great Gatsby film is something that you should do. Find a gold-colored flapper dress and stunning headpiece for your costume, and don’t forget to complete your look with stacked pearl jewelry. You will look stunning for the night!

The Bridgertons Character

If you can’t be the diamond of the season, you might want to be the diamond of Halloween! Going even more vintage for your Halloween by dressing up as Bridgerton’s character. You can steal Daphne Bridgerton’s look, by wearing a vintage pastel-colored gown. Or you can also dress up as Kate Sharma who loves to go out with her periwinkle gown . Who knows you might be able to steal the heart of a duke or a viscount? A girl can only dream.

May Queen

Midsommar takes everyone by storm! It may not be a ghost movie, but the horror we experience while watching it is undeniable. If you like the film, you may want to crown yourself as ‘May Queen’ and dress as the character. You just need a simple white dress and adorned your head with a flower crown accessory. This is one of the easiest characters to recreate for Halloween.

Scarlet Witch

Another movie character that is suitable for you to copy during Halloween is the Scarlet Witch. She is the beast – or the best? We can never decide what to think of her. But what we know of is that she is powerful, badass, and scary. A perfect character to go to for Halloween! 

To dress as Scarlet Witch, you should wear a red bodysuit, a black leggings, and a red flowy cape. Don’t forget your black boots and the Scarlet Witch headpiece. To go deeper into the character, you should wear a ginger wavy wig – the signature hair of the Scarlet Witch.

The Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus

If you’re planning to go to the Halloween party with your friends, you may want to make a pact to go as these child-hungry witches. You can choose which Sanderson sisters you want to be. Winifred? Sarah? Mary? Decide by yourself who is your favorite character. 

When dressing up as The Sanderson Sister, you may need to rent or buy the costume in a store. Because it will be too complicated to do it yourself. Don’t forget to accentuate your look with the Sanderson sister’s crimson lipstick signature.

Red Riding Hood

You can go as the Red Riding Hood if you want to look sexy when celebrating Halloween. It is very easy to recreate the red riding hood costume. You just need a white a-line mini dress and wear a corset on top of it to accentuate your curves. Don’t forget your red hood cape, the most important piece to complete your look.


This is also one of the classic go-to looks that is simple to recreate. You just need a simple black dress. You can choose by yourself if you prefer a midi dress or a long dress. You can find the perfect witch dress for Halloween here. The one thing that you may need to buy is a long pointed hat – a signature accessory for everyone who wants to go as a witch. Because your outfit is rather simple, you may want to go extra with your makeup. We recommend you go with red deep lipstick colored to celebrate Halloween as a witch!

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