The Best 3 Maths Edtech Tools Every Child Should Have: Teaching Maths to Kindergarten, preschool, and Grade 1-6 students can be made easier with the numerous e-learning and digital resources in the market today.

There are many Math Edtech Tools that can help enhance the learning experience for your child so selecting one can be a real headache!

The main focus for any parent or private tutor is to make learning fun for your child or student so as to build interest in the subject from a young. It is this balance that should be considered when choosing the right math Edtech Tools. In addition, what works for a student in a classroom setting may not necessarily work for your student at home.

The Best 3 Maths Edtech Tools Every Child Should Have

Let us help you recommend the best 3 for your children.

  1. Motion Math is one such tool that many parents choose for their children. This is the same quality, fun, and interactive tool that help to move an entire class through the classroom in a fun environment.

This interactive system provides visual integration with class and learning. Students are able to interact with each other through the use of images and videos that provide an enjoyable environment.

This tool is mainly for preschool to grade 3 students to practice simple math problems using fun online math games, using their computers or the app on tablets. It has a score tracking system and as they pass through each level, a parent can track how many minutes they take for each core skill. This would allow the parent to identify weak areas and provide more practice or engage a private tutor to help out.

  1. A Tablet Class is another resource that offers a variety of teaching techniques to make math instruction fun and engaging.

This all-in-one learning tool is comprehensive and completely replaces the tutor/teacher, and it is segmented into different courses. Each course video teaches one skill at a time by a qualified math teacher. It includes single tests for each chapter, practice worksheets, and answers, step by step workings to explain the details on how to solve math problems. The software also grades the student’s performance automatically.

One of the major advantages of using the A Tablet Class is that you can save your projects and lessons on the device. These files can be accessed from anywhere with internet access. This will help students be more involved in their class while at the same time taking advantage of the advanced tools found on these devices. Teachers can also send them e-books, which come with interactive games and software and engage in interactive activities with students.

  1. Clarisketch is another type of tech tool that is widely used in the classroom. This allows students to learn algebra, geometry, and trigonometry in the comfort of their own homes. Their platform allows the student to learn and retain math content more effectively.

Clarisketch is the easiest tablet drawing and narration tool available for teachers to use in explaining math solutions to their students. In 3 simple steps, a teacher can model solve a math problem from a workbook directly on a tablet or phone. All he or she needs to do is to take a picture of the worksheet or even a blank piece of paper. Second, automatically record your writing and voice explanation when you recite the solutions on the tablet surface. Thirdly, share the recorded video via skype/zoom/google drive to the student. It’s really that simple!

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