Home News The Belief Goes Modern: Connection of Past to the Present Through Hanfu

The Belief Goes Modern: Connection of Past to the Present Through Hanfu


Hanfu is considered an ethnic dress designed and worn by Han People during dynasties in mainland China. There and then, there is an argument between keeping the authenticity of these traditional clothes known to the public or leave their legacy on paper prints and museums for appreciation.

The Belief Goes Modern: Connection of Past to the Present Through Hanfu

Chu Yan, a fashion designer, known to recreate traditional Chinese dresses, believed that clothing is an essential endeavor in today’s era. Duplicating these ancient art pieces reflects what convention looks like before and onto where the future of these historical items should be positioned shortly through the evolution of technology.

Even though the intention was evident, many people believed that these modern designs are not considered the factual ancestral Hanfu but can barely be classified as ordinary classical garments. However, Chu Yan thought that people could recreate the Hanfu Clothing as what history has already made. Their specific methods, tailoring, and creation procedures will authorize them to create the clothing. There is a difference when it appears to do it because modern people utilize unique strategies and raw fabrics to generate it. There is a connection to how modern technology can be associated with ancient pieces without compromising their meaning and beautiful designs.

Chu Yan is a renowned fashion designer whose talent alone is not limited to her ability to recreating some of the formal Chinese clothing. Her masterpieces are made from scrapes up to the conclusive exhibition. She expected to develop a contemporary variation to wearable custom style with the association of those conventional Chinese components. This way, the linkage of the past towards the future is evident and strong. Their work as a fashion designer is focused on researching the patterns and designs and the materials used from traditional historical elements. Still, they can also integrate innovation to achieve a great work of art. She believes that the invention of these is another aspect of the endeavor that they are doing.

Even though there is an excellent linkage of these traditional works to the present fashion, she emphasizes that doing the honors does not require a material extension to preserve the convention of their Chinese culture. In addition to this, Chu said that the new generation of young Chinese fashion designers must maintain unmistakable under ages and perception of art history in every respective dynasty. This remarkable insight about historical data is a basis to deliver a modern existence to account.

True indeed that we will not lead back to the historical events that took place and that there is no necessity to dress precisely similar to those ancient Chinese people. We can honor them by educating people on how they used to live, how important is proper clothing to them, and how well they make their clothes without the presence of complicated technology. It is difficult to imitate their traditional dressmaking because they do it handmade, and it takes a lot of labor to do the work. As their dressmaking is compared today, we have big machines automated to provide the compositions that we wanted without taking a long time for them to be completed. As the famous Chinese saying goes, honoring ancient beliefs does not imply that you have to simulate what it was like in previous times. It would be best if you surpassed t to bring honor to it in this modern period.

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