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Shearling Slippers – A Sensual Detail to Your Outfit


Stroll down the streets with comfort and ease in these shearling slippers: During such a sunny season, even on hot days, we all like to spend some time outside. It is a perfect time for after-lunch strolls in the park, picnics, and evening meet-ups with friends. And as we tend to spend so much time outside being in constant movement, it’s important that we pick not only stylish but also comfortable clothes. And this principle should go for everything: tops, shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, and even shoes. The last detail can be usually overlooked, as we tend to match shoes to our outfits and not otherwise. This way some people tend to make not the most thoughtful choices. And we all can agree then running around with blisters and sore feet is no fun. Wouldn’t it be nice to wear something as comfy as shearling slippers on the daily basis?

Well, luckily, most brands nowadays are drawing their focus to the question of comfort as well as style in their clothing. And this goes for shoewear too. That’s why sneakers gained so much popularity over the last few years as well. With the right pair of those, it’s possible to top almost every outfit. Of course, platforms and heels are still in high demand too. Especially if you are planning on an outfit for a night out. However, they are not so practical for everyday use. Fortunately, some options would satisfy both the need for a fancy detail in a sophisticated outfit and the need for comfort in everyday use. We are talking about the broad collection of shoes for women by Sleeper. Yes, Sleeper, the brand of the well-known and fabulous pajamas and gorgeous linen dresses. Once again, this Ukrainian label decided to go even further by introducing quite a varied range of shoes into its stock.

Shoes for Women by Sleeper – the Best that Could Happen to Your Feet

Shearling Slippers

By creating this collection, Sleeper pronounced that every aspect of an outfit can be made to feel at home. This collection also proves that it is possible to find the perfect pair to complete your outfit. Even more than that, it can be any outfit you would like. From an elegant dress for a romantic dinner to a playful jumpsuit picked out for a picnic with friends. Just like Sleeper’s pajamas, their shearling slippers can be combined with anything in your closet and be worn to any occasion. First of all, this type of shoewear has two optimal designs: the classic ones, without the heels, and the Lulu design, which also has a cute little detail – cashmere pom poms. Both designs can be worn at home as well as outside, making them as versatile as shoes can get. And what’s even more surprising, is that both pairs are 95% biodegradable. Thus, the combination of style, elegance, comfort, and sustainability goes just out the roof with these.

However, these are not the only models available to your attention. Besides women’s shearling slippers, you will also see:

  • chic Manon mules with detachable feathers, that will compliment gorgeously any dress or suit you wear;
  • Mille-feuille silk flats – a great sensual detail to a casual outfit (will also work perfectly with jeans);
  • Macaroni strappy sandals – a perfect for the summer season
  • The Puff slippers – are so extraordinary yet so extremely stylish they will fit into your closet just right;
  • and, of course, the Matilda clogs – a retro-inspired pair of shoes that shows that even in heels it’s possible to feel comfortable.

As you can see, Sleeper has a great collection to offer. So, even if you are peaky with your shoes, you might still find something interesting here.

What to Wear with The Shoes?

If you have just seen your ideal pair of shoes and wondering what to wear them with, don’t worry. Shoewear in general is a versatile detail. You can easily pair up sneakers with a sundress and no one is going to bet an eye. The main principle is to make everything look organic. Take for example the Manon mules. They might seem to be a little bit too much for a brunch session or a regular daily stroll. However, if you pair them up with a regular shirt and a pair of jeans they will look just as if they are adding a little bit of grace to the outfit. And if you are going out, especially to a fancy restaurant or party, a little dash of chic won’t hurt.

Shearling Slippers

Nevertheless, if you are still concerned that these shoes might not fit into your style, maybe it’s a sign to switch things up a little with the help of Daily Sleeper. The brand offers magnificent party pajamas with feathers that can become your favorite go-to look pretty soon. As well as the mentioned mules, this not-so-sleepwear set can be mix-and-matched with jeans, classy trousers, T-shirts, shorts, and crop tops. It’s just a question of your imagination and taste. And if you are more of a dress-type-of-girl, Sleeper has those too. Honestly, with such a great variety of available options, it would be a crime not to experiment with your style even for a little bit.

Why Shoewear is Important in an Outfit?

A pair of shoes can be a great addition to a thoughtful look and a completely out-of-place detail. Shoes make the whole outfit complete. Besides, a great pair of heels or even slippers can add a lot of confidence, which is usually noticeable in our gait. And who wouldn’t want to stroll down the street with the confidence of a supermodel on a catwalk? That’s why style is not the only important thing. When buying a pair of shoes you should consider how long you are planning on wearing them, as well as which outfit they will better compliment. Comfort is a key to confidence – don’t forget that.

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