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Scarface on the Reels: Al Capone Slot Review


Last updated on September 9th, 2021 at 01:51 pm

Al Capone” is the first video slot game released by Slotmotion, a new player in the field. Slotmotion, founded in 2017, is a venture of the well-known IGP Group, the company that offers web app solutions for white labels, turnkey projects, and platform providers. The young firm has a goal of providing “fantastic slots with stunning animation”, and their very first slot game has been a success.

Meet the Gangster

Al Capone, nicknamed “Scarface”, was, probably, the most famous gangster in America. He was the leader of the Chicago Outfit, and Italian-American crime syndicate, and acted as the crime boss for seven years. Born in New York, to a family of immigrants from Italy, Alphonse Gabriel Capone started his career in crime as a member of the Five Points Gang, a bouncer and a bodyguard. He moved to Chicago in his early twenties and took over the control over Johnny Torrio’s syndicate after Torrio retired. Capone did not stop at the most violent actions in order to expand his business. He would also make donations to various charities, but his habit of killing anyone who stood in his way quickly transformed his public image from Robin Hood to the Number One Public Enemy.

The notorious gangster, a curious and controversial character, has been depicted in multiple books, films, and video games. Already during his lifetime, he created an image of himself in the media which was fascinating and, in a way, seductive. There are very few, if any, crime bosses in modern popular culture that have not been modeled on Al Capone in one way or another.

In the debut video slot game released by Slotmotion in April 2018, you get to explore the shady underbelly of Chicago. You are transported in time to the Prohibition era, the period during which production, transportation, and sale of alcohol were banned in the U.S., and which lasted from 1920 to 1933. This was the time when crime flourished and some of the legends of the criminal world were born. In the game, you join Al Capone as his right-hand man, no less and, if Fortune is on your side, will be rewarded with no small amounts of money from the gangster lord’s large safe vault. Your task will be to manage a handful of illegal businesses as well as bribe some members of the police force.

The Dangerous Game

Al Capone” is a five-reel slot with nine paylines. The basic symbols are the usual Ace, King, Queen, Jack, plus the numbers 10 and 9. The higher-ranking symbols are the beautiful and mysterious Lady, a Roulette, a box of Cuban Cigars, a bottle of Moonshine, and tightly-rolled Dollars. Al Capone himself is the Wild symbol that can replace any other symbol on the reels except for the Scatter. Scatter is represented by the Safe Vault, with stacks of crisp green money peeping invitingly from behind its massive yet open door. The special features of the game are the Free Spins and the Corruption Respins.

Free Spins

The Free Spins feature is triggered when three or more Vaults land heavily on the reels.

Corruption Respins

Since the game is set in the dangerous and glamorous Prohibition era, it is bound to offer the players some sort of fun “illegal” activity. The “Corruption Respin” special feature lets you try your luck in bribing the policemen.

The feature is triggered if the sticky Wild symbol, Al Capone himself, with his cigar, a fedora hat, and a Thompson machine gun, lands in the middle of the third reel. When it does, you are awarded ten free spins. The game of “corruption” begins here: Al Capone will try to bribe the policemen and persuade them to stay on the reels for a respin, increasing your chances of getting a bigger win. If you manage to hit a winline with these corrupt characters, the gangster’s dominion will expand, covering the second, third, and fourth reels for a bonus respin.

With the next bribed policemen’s line that you hit, Al Capone takes over the whole screen and awards you with a royal 2000x win. However, if your luck runs dry and there are no more policemen willing to accept the bribe, the game is reset, and you return to the starting position.


Al Capone” is a great game and a very successful one for a firstling. In less than ten days after its release, the slot reached a total of €1,000.000 bets. As Giovanni Paticchio, Slotmotion’s CEO admitted, the company “never expected this sudden success in such a short time. What I can say is that there’s a lot of hard work behind Al Capone”.

It’s colorful, it’s fun, and it’s rewarding, especially if you are the admirer of the “Roaring Twenties” with their Jazz craze, the elegance of Art Deco, and the ambiguous yet fascinating mobster chic.

Words: Jelena Schmidt

Images: Shutterstock

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