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Top 5 Cool Benefits of Using Scan & Pay Option


Last updated on June 30th, 2021 at 09:46 pm

If you are looking for a way to take your business to the next level, scan & pay payment is the way to go.

Benefits of Using Scan & Pay Option

Scan and Pay payments are an electronic POS solution that allows customers to pay for their purchases by scanning QR codes. It is one of the best and the most reliable way to enhance the shopping experience and ensure operational efficiency in a business.

Using scan and pay is very easy. All the customers need is a smart device or a mobile phone, such as an android phone, with a camera and good internet. Thanks to the rapid growth in technology, approximately 80% of the world population already have access to all that. It also explains why scan QR code android is the most accepted payment method right now.

But why do you, as the merchant, need to use scan and pay? Read on to discover!

Engaging Buyers with Scan and Pay

There are no limits to what you can do with QR codes, especially dynamic QR codes.

For instance, if you want to share your whole product list of 10,000 items with everyone, you will only need to create a QR code menu. If you want to include your mission statement or even share your success stories in an advertisement, you will only need to link a QR code to it.

You can also use QR codes for advertising your business through video and audio content. Other interactive content you can link include:

  • Review requests
  • Surveys
  • Social media
  • The comment section, etc.

QR Codes are Hygienic

Hygiene is the key reason why scan QR code android is on the rise right now.

Amid the pandemic, the scan and pay option has been one of the most effective ways of minimizing the risk of COVID-19 infections. That is not all; this is also the perfect way to prevent and control contagious diseases from spreading.

For instance, in bars and restaurants, we have QR code menus. These replace the traditional paper menus, which are the single most unhygienic thing there. Precisely, paper menus can carry at least 185,000 germs/cm2. That is as dirty as a standard toilet.

Such things are what QR codes help us accomplish. By implementing QR code scanner electronic POS in your business, you can enable secure transactions and improve the customer experience. 

QR Codes are Versatile

QR codes are multi-functional and impactful. You can do just about anything with them, from encoding simple business cards to more sophisticated contactless payment systems. They also enable Wi-Fi authentication, ordering, and event check-in systems.

Other things you can do with QR codes include

  • Sending emails
  • Sending messages
  • Facilitating app downloads
  • Directing customers to a landing site and more

QR codes are straightforward, and their small size makes them ideal for use where space is limited.

QR Codes are Highly Accessible

Scan and pay payments are highly accessible. To help you understand how and why this is so important, let’s look at these three points below:

  • Nearly 91% of iOS devices have an in-built QR code scanner. Android devices are just a little behind. As time passes, that number continues to rise as the older devices reduce in circulation.  
  • At least 94% of all mobile users use their mobile devices to search for local information.
  • QR codes are usable anywhere.

By implementing scan QR android, your business can benefit in numerous ways, which include:

  • Allowing users to research and locate your business and find new customers
  • Boosting your sales
  • Enhancing customer experience
  • Increasing brand awareness and visibility, and so on.

QR Codes are Cost-effective and Eco-friendly

QR code payment solutions can replace large amounts of printed material used by businesses. These include menus, magazines, brochures, schedules, books, programs, business cards, receipts, and the list goes on.

Printing costs money, and the more printed material you have, the higher the price. Additionally, all these materials end up as trash which is harmful to the environment.

By using QR codes electronic POS system, your business will benefit in two ways:

  • Saving on printing costs
  • Maintain a safe and healthy environment for your business operations.


Scan and pay option is undeniably very beneficial to businesses in overarching ways. It is the one payment solution that you can rely on to improve the customer experience and track your sales data. 

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