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Saquon Barkley of the New York Giants is exercising patience in his return from an ACL injury

Barkley Injury

Barkley Injury : Saquon Barkley of the New York Giants is taking things one day at a time as he recovers from a ruptured ACL suffered early last season.

That’s all he can do, given that he’s never experienced an injury or the accompanying recuperation on this scale before.

While Barkley would love to have a date circled on his calendar, all he can do now, as the Giants’ veterans begin their six-week break before training camp, is continue to strengthen his surgically repaired knee and hope for the best.

Last week, Barkley remarked, “I come in every single day just trying to work as hard as I can.

” “Patience, listening to the team, the trainers, and the physicians are all important.

I’m out there, and there are drills that you go through to see where you’re at, and there are some things that I perform that I know indicate that my rehab is progressing well.”

The Giants have avoided putting a hard limit on Barkley’s comeback because they are concerned that if they do, Barkley will rush and jeopardise all of his months of hard work.

Barkley had a different schedule than the rest of the squad, who had OTAs and then a three-day required minicamp with practises in the late morning/early afternoon.

In the mornings, he’d walk to the grass field with a trainer, then return to the team’s East Rutherford, New Jersey facility just as his teammates were getting ready to go outside.

Barkley would continue his training in the team’s weight room, which has several large windows overlooking the team’s grass practise fields, and his eyes would frequently land on what was going on outside.

He said shyly, “Yeah, I do look through the window and watch practise.”

“I’m particularly excited about the offensive weapons we added, not only the offensive weapons we added, but all of the weapons and people we signed.

I believe we have a lot of ability and the potential to be something special.”

But it’s unclear when Barkley will be able to join the Giants’ something special.

While it would be ideal for him to be ready to go when training camp begins, he must first pass a training camp physical.

If he fails to pass the physical when the team reports to training camp on July 27, he will be placed on the active/physically unable to perform (PUP) list, where he will count against the team’s training camp roster and can be removed from the PUP list and allowed to practise immediately if he passes the physical.

But, even if Barkley passes his physical, that doesn’t mean he’ll be able to do whatever he wants on the field.

He won’t participate in the Giants’ three preseason games, and it’s widely assumed that they’ll ease him back into the daily grind gradually, with all eyes on him for any symptoms of a potential relapse.

If Barkley is worried about his rehab not working out, he is attempting to keep it under control.

“I just believe in controlling what you can control,” he explained.

“There was nothing I could have done to change circumstances both times I’ve been in any NFL career thus far.”

But when it came to being ready for Week 1, Barkley again dodged the subject about a certain return date.

“I know everyone in the training room, from (Head) Coach (Joe) Judge to my teammates, wants to see me healthy, but they want me out there when they know I can be out there,” he said.

“For me, it’s showing up to work every day so I can assist my teammates and help them have a good season.”

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