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Salma Al-shimi: An Egyptian Model And Influencer


Salma al-shimi: An Egyptian model, was recently arrested for photographing in front of an Egyptian pyramid. The shot was deemed disrespectful by the locals.

Many influencers and models have been imprisoned in Egypt in the past for taking photos that were deemed unpleasant by the locals.

According to The Indian Express, model Salma Al-Shimi recently encountered a similar problem while being photographed.

The photographer was apprehended first, followed by Salma. Continue reading to learn more about what happened.

Salma Al-Shimi, a model, was detained

Salma Al-shimi

Salma Al-Shimi, a model and influencer, was seen in front of the Djoser Pyramid outside of Cairo earlier this week.

She posted the photos on social media, prompting the Egyptian authorities to detain the photographer who took them.

Salma was also detained a few hours later for taking and disseminating such photos.

Salma Al-Shimi was photographed while dressed in an Egyptian costume and was photographed by photographer Houssa Mohammed. The two were arrested on November 30, but were immediately released on bail.

Salma and her photographer were detained because they were photographing the archaeological site of Saqqara without permission.

The Djoser Pyramid is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is nearly 4700 years old. When it comes to photographing, the historical monument has severe guidelines.

If the photographs taken are indecent or derogatory, photography is prohibited. According to the local authorities, Salma Al-Egyptian Shimi’s costume in the images is highly exposing.

Salma, on the other hand, claimed that she had no idea that photography was prohibited near the ancient site.

The photographer told Youm7 TV in an interview that she had worn a robe as the workers at the archaeological site had requested, and that she then changed into her own attire, to which no one objected.

He further stated that a total of 6 staffers were there, and Salma Al-photoshoot Shimi’s lasted only 15 minutes.

The model stated that her primary goal was to promote tourism in Egypt while remaining sensitive to the country’s traditional values.

What is Salma Al-background? Shimi’s

Salma Al-Shimi is an Instagram influencer with over 124 thousand followers. She is also well-known on TikTok, where she has two accounts: @salmaelshimyofficialtiktok, which has 94,000 followers, and @salmaelsimy0, which has 80,000.

She stated on social media that she had received a lot of backlash from the public, but that she had learned to ignore it. The photos from Salma Al-photoshoot Shimi’s are still available on her social media accounts.

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