The latest digital banking monster, Qazikoo, which is planning to unveil its services in late September of this year, has set a huge aspirational goal. They are aiming to achieve the coveted unicorn status in its first year of operation! Just like the mythical creature from which it draws its name, unicorn status is a rare and special title to bestow upon a company in the financial world. Hold on to your hats, folks: a unicorn company is a privately held start-up with a current valuation of U.S. $1 billion or more. The Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine and other big names in journalism all keep running lists of these companies.

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Picture 1

To achieve the goal of reaching unicorn status so early in the company’s inception, everyone at Qazikoo is working extremely hard behind the scenes. The new challenger bank is securing partnerships with some of the biggest names in the financial sector, including notable credit card companies like Mastercard. World-class technology is also a major part of what is setting Qazikoo up for explosive success. Super-fast processing speeds and beautiful, easy-to-navigate graphics are all lined up to make this one of the hottest digital banking options of 2020.

Of course, the success of Qazikoo achieving unicorn status would directly benefit clients. Having a large share of the market behind Qazikoo’s operations will allow for the development and deployment of key new features and partnerships that will make your banking experience as seamless as possible. While the goal of reaching a U.S. $1 billion valuation is ambitious, it is certainly within the company’s sights. In the words of Apple founder, Steve Jobs, “If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.”


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