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Need to Remove an Image Background? Here’s How You Can Quickly Do It


You photograph your subject perfectly, your image gives off just the right impression, and the timing couldn’t be better. There’s just one problem—the image would look nicer without a background.

There are many reasons a background can be problematic. For example, you might want to highlight your subject or replace your image backing with a more fitting one. Read on to explore how to remove the backdrop from your picture using different tools, including the Depositphotos.com background remover.

Software to remove the background from an image online

You can remove the backdrop from an image via paid or free photo editing software. However, there’s much to consider here. While free options save your resources, they’re less efficient than their pricier counterparts. You’re paying for extras, after all.

Why would you remove a white or colored background from a photo? Firstly, background removers allow you to emphasize your subject by eliminating distractions. Therefore, they make images more pleasing to viewers.

Here are a few ways to remove a background. All of them can be easily found if you search to remove a BG in your browser.

  1. Letting AI do the work. Artificial intelligence is changing how photography is done. One of the most notable developments is the ability to remove the background from an image in seconds. You’ll see this in the form of online background removers, but it’s important to note that they vary in quality.
  2. Using paid software. Many photo editing tools can do virtually anything, including background removal. However, these tools are expensive and take a long time to master.
  3. Removing background for free. You can opt for free-to-use software to save some money. However, these programs may compromise user-friendliness. Thus, they’re a more time-consuming method.

You have several options. If you don’t have hours to learn paid software, the third option is your best bet. Just make sure you choose a site that’s reputable, secure, and provides a high-quality result. And even though not all online background removers are up-to-par with what a human can do manually, the Depositphotos backdrop eraser comes close.

How to remove the background from a picture for free

Given the demand, there are dozens of free background removers out there with diverse quality outputs. Let’s explore each popular option below.

Applying the free Depositphotos BG remover

Let’s begin with the most straightforward method: using the Depositphotos free background removal tool. This AI-powered backdrop eraser is accessible for everyone online and offers quick, secure, and high-quality results.

  1. Enter “depositphotos.com/bgremover” into your search engine’s address bar.
  2. Select “Upload Image” and choose your photo, or drag and drop your image in the highlighted field.
  3. Wait a few seconds for your visual to be processed.
  4. Edit the result with the Brush feature to erase or restore any needed elements.
  5. Download your background-free image in PNG.

The platform may offer optional promos for its extensive library of stock images for those looking to save even more.

Choosing alternative free software to remove the background from a photo

If you insist on manually removing your photo’s background, you can save significant money by downloading a free tool like GIMP. The process is mostly the same as with online Photoshop, but without the shortcuts.

  1. Boot GIMP or a similar app.
  2. Locate the “Fuzzy Select” tool  (if you’re using GIMP) or an equivalent function.
  3. Turn on antialiasing and “Draw Mask”.
  4. Click and hold to remove sections of the background.
  5. Right-click near the layer panel and add an alpha channel.
  6. Delete what you’ve selected.
  7. Examine the edges of your subject and erase the unremoved background.
  8. Once everything looks good, export the photo in your desired format. 

While these steps refer to GIMP, other programs have a similar procedure. It’s best to check the software’s built-in “Help” feature if you have any questions.

Although free software doesn’t cut back on time, they’re great for those who want to pursue image editing without breaking the bank. You can develop your graphic design skills, as well as make your photos more exceptional. All it takes is patience and practice to go from “novice” to “digital imaging pro”.

Is it possible to use professional background removers for free?

Many pro digital imaging tools that allow you to remove backgrounds are not free. Some may cost around $20 per month for a basic plan. If all you’re doing is removing backgrounds from photos, this is a steep price to pay.

Using paid software to remove photo backgrounds

Learning how to use paid photo editing software is a valuable skill if you have the money and passion to. So, stretch your fingers and get comfortable; let’s jump into Photoshop.

  1. Launch Adobe Online Photoshop and upload the chosen picture.
  2. Locate the properties panel.
  3. Select “Remove Background” (note—you’re not free of manual labor yet).
  4. Go back to compare the result with the original image. Look for any unrecognized pieces of the background that remain, or any missing parts of your subject you didn’t want to delete.
  5. Select the Brush function and go over problematic areas. Use the black brush to remove any unwanted background, and the white brush to re-add whatever Photoshop mistakenly removed.
  6. Download the photo as a PNG file once you’re satisfied with the results.

As you use Photoshop, you’ll become quicker at manual background removal. However, you’ll still need to spend some time to perfect everything.

Note that you’ll get unbeatable levels of precision with paid tools. This is great if you remove image backgrounds for a living, as people pay fees for professional work. However, this doesn’t apply to the majority of people, unless you intend on getting serious about photo editing.

What are the benefits of using free tools to remove backgrounds?

As you can tell, photo editing software takes time to learn and use. Even when you choose free options like GIMP, it’s essential to factor in the cost of time. So, while these programs can be helpful, using free online tools to remove backgrounds is far more efficient.

  • You save time by choosing free online tools. Instead of spending half an hour on a photo, the Depositphotos tool can process a picture in a few seconds. Thus, you can spend that extra half hour on things like marketing, honing your photography skills, or other crucial parts of your project.
  • You avoid spending money. If all you need to remove is a white background, for example, a tool like Photoshop is expensive overkill. A free tool allows you to remove the background from your photo without paying for unneeded extras.
  • You can focus on more important photography elements. Instead of spending the majority of editing time on removing the background, you can concentrate on lighting, subject, and other elements for post-processing.


Now that you know the most popular options, you can choose the one that fits you best. However, thanks to free AI-powered tools like the Depositphotos Image background remover, you can save significant time and costs in removing backgrounds. You’ll be astonished by the quality of the results and how quickly it works. However, learning how to use image-editing software is worthwhile if photography and image-making are an important part of your career. Just be sure to pick the right one!