Home News Muslim Spiritual Leader Sufi priest shot and killed in Maharashtra’s Nashik

Muslim Spiritual Leader Sufi priest shot and killed in Maharashtra’s Nashik


Muslim Spiritual Leader Sufi priest shot and killed in Maharashtra’s Nashik: An Afghan guy was shot dead by four teenagers in Maharashtra in a horrific crime.

Muslim Spiritual Leader Sufi priest killed

Muslim Spiritual Leader Sufi priest killed

The Nashik Rural Superintendent of Police, Sachin Patil, confirmed this event. Near his statement, he said that four guys shot and killed him in Yeola, in the Nashik region of Maharashtra.

Khwaja Sayyad Chishti was named as the victim, according to Sachin Patil. The victim, also known as “Sufi Baba,” was 35 years old. According to this, the incident took place on Tuesday, July 5, 2022, in Nashik, Maharashtra.

Utilizing the deceased person’s SUV, the murderers fled the scene.

The investigation is ongoing, and the suspects will be taken into custody soon, according to what Sachin Patil told reporters.

According to rumors and scraps of evidence, this murder involved four suspects.

Initial inquiry reports claim that the property issues that led to the murder were to blame for the heinous incident. According to police sources, he was born in Afghanistan or held an Afghan passport, and he arrived in India before turning four years old.

He first resided in Delhi before relocating to Karnataka for a variety of personal reasons. He recently resided in Maharashtra, and the Centre had granted him official permission to remain in India.

Sufi priest shot and killed in Nashik, Maharashtra

There is significant ambiguity because certain pieces of evidence indicated that there were three suspects, while others indicated that there were four suspects. Even Nevertheless, the inquiry is still underway, and the outcome of this case remains to be seen.

The incident took place in an open, desolate plot next to the MIDC industrial zone in Yeola at approximately 7:15 p.m. According to some sources, the plot for which this murder occurred was the plot for which both parties were engaged in conflict.

And in the end, they shot him dead before fleeing the crime scene right away from the victim’s car.

Nothing is known about the deceased person’s family, friends, or acquaintances, and there is no record of him.

On one side, police are looking for them to alert, while on the other, they are looking for the suspects to apprehend for this murder.

We learned from some sources that authorities are attempting to get in touch with the victim’s relatives to let them know they are leaving the city but that no verdict has been reached.

Keep checking back for updates and more details.

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