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Little known ways to place a bet in Roulette


place a bet in Roulette

When it comes to a game of Roulette, many players stick to the bets they know, whereas others are intrigued to learn a new way to place a bet or bet type.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a little list of bet types you could try, the next time you visit a Roulette casino table either in person or online.

Are you ready to expand your Roulette betting knowledge?

Red or Black – Outside Bet

In a game of Roulette, a bet that allows you to place a wager on the colour of the winning pocketed compartment of the wheel, rather than the number, is known as a red or black bet.

Classed as an outside bet, you’ll find the wagering box on the table layout outside of the numbered area – hence the reason for this bet being classed as an outside bet. The red or black boxes can arrive as a block-coloured box, or have a blocked colour diamond within a box. The colours will either be red or black.

If you were to place a betting chip(s) within either the red or black box, your wager would cover all pocketed compartments containing that colour. Not only is this known as an outside bet, but it’s also classed as an even money bet too, as the betting odds for a red or black bet is 1:1.

Straight Up – Inside Bet

If you wanted to place a bet on a single number, like your lucky number for example, this is known as a straight up bet. This means you’d need the ball to land in the pocketed compartment that contains your chosen number only, to secure a win.

As single boxed numbers are collated together within the layout, whilst also making up most of the layout of the Roulette table, this is classed as the inside area. Therefore, a bet placed on a single number is classed as an inside bet.

When wanting to place a wager on a single number, you simply need to place your betting chip(s) in the middle of the box where your chosen number is located.

The betting odds for a straight up bet is 35:1.

Odd or Even – Outside Bet

If you’d rather bet on whether the number within the winning pocketed compartment is of odd or even category, the odd or even bet is for you.

Classed as an outside bet, with its betting boxes located on either side of the red or black boxes, the odd and even boxes contain the words ‘Odd’ or ‘Even’ within. So, to wager on whether the winning number will be odd or even, you simply need to add your betting chip(s) to the box correctly corresponding with the bet you wish to place – odd or even.

Not only is this an outside bet, but just like the red or black bet, the odd or even bet is classed as an even money bet type, with a betting odd of 1:1.

Now you know three of the many bet types you can place down on a Roulette table, will you be betting one of these on your next trip to the iconic table?

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