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Learn About the Types of Ear Buds Available to Make An Informed Choice



Types of Ear Buds

Headphones of various models have been helping users to listen to the audio perfectly and conveniently. This audio gadget has become part of mobile phones. A buyer looking for advanced earphones needs to understand more about the various models available on the market to make a better choice. 

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The types of headphones are classified according to connectivity:

  • Wired earphones. They are the most common ones connected to devices by the cord. They have an audio jack that can be plugged into phones and computer speakers. They don’t need a battery as they are powered by the device connected to them.  They are quite affordable however not portable like cordless earphones. The wire usually wears off fast if they aren’t of good quality.
  • Wireless earphones. They are well-advanced gadgets headphones. They are cordless and are connected to devices through Bluetooth. It is a useful device as you can speak or hear without carrying the connected device in your hand. Thus, it is quite helpful while you are on the move. They need battery power charged using the USB cord.  There are no worries of wires getting tangled as in wired earphones. Most advanced ones even have wireless charging. 

Earphones are even differentiated relating to the ways it is fitted in their user’s ears:

  • Standard: They are the common ones having a speaker on both sides connected to phones or computers through a cord and even can be wireless. The key advantage is that they fit most of the ear sizes easily however some complain that the quality of sound isn’t par excellent as there are chances of not sealing the ears fully. 
  • In-ear headphones: They have foam or silicon attached to ear buds tips that seal the outside noise however need to find the ones that fit in your ears nicely. 
  • Around the ear buds: They have the same quality as in-ear ones but they don’t go directly into the ears. The speaker is placed above the ear buds and they go around the year. They are comfortable to wear for long hours and have no fear of falling off. The only drawback is that you can’t fully avoid the outside sound. Moreover, need to find the perfect fitting earphones to enjoy good audio effects. 
  • Bone conduction earphones: They don’t need to be fitted in the ears as the speakers are fitted on both sides of the upper part of the skull and the vibrations of the sound make it possible to hear the sound clearly. However, you can’t block the outside noise. 

There may be loads of earphones on both offline and online stores. You need to choose one that is durable, provides quality sound, and is convenient to use anytime.