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League of Legends Popularity Unmatched Against Competition


League of Legends just concluded a tournament on the best of players worldwide has come out with the most expected winner, Team Liquid. Dominating the playing field, the team scooped $150,000 prize money. It is in addition to $50,000 donated to a charity of their choice. Although expected to win, the champions faced fierce competition from Team Cloud9 and TSM, among others.

League of Legends Popularity Unmatched Against Competition 


With millions having tuned in to watch the completion live, League of Legends’ popularity is still soaring since its release on October 27th, 2009. There are millions of league of legends accounts for sale in the market, with players estimated to have broken the $120 million mark. Fortnite is its closest competitor, with a significantly lower count of $80 million.

Fortnite also has a subscription-free of $9.50 every month to access its battle pass feature. League of legends lets you do the work as players from all walks of life play from the very beginning. With no money for subscriptions paid, anyone can easily climb the ranks by practicing more to play more.


Riot games have frequent updates to the game to make the game balanced. In it, they are making it fair yet thrilling for both professionals and beginners. Twitching the metadata every two weeks, the game’s algorithms are changed, making the game enjoyable with players discovering new ways to play the game. The downside is that mastering the game is almost impossible after years of playing the game. Resulting in players creating LOL smurf accounts for practicing before coming back to their main account to play.

However, developers at riot games are not the only ones interested in the League of Legends’ metadata. The release of every update is welcomed by news sites that make it their mission to break down every new patch made in extreme detail. Nonprofessional players engage online on social media platforms to debate the changes made. Professional players go a step further analyzing the data, especially during professional matches by other players. Many of whom turn to unranked Smurf accounts to play their part, understanding the logistics behind the new patches before delving into a match themselves. 

Pro players skew every conversation towards patches in their given communities and have thousands of viewers watch their every move. If a particular view is adopted within a given game, the idea will soon catch hold and be shared millions of times on Facebook and Twitter. It is regardless is the patch interpretation is correct or not. With Riot games looking to balance the game, once a narrative unfolds over an unpopular new patch, the loudest complaints are made, making them more careful. 

League of Legends game director Andrei “Meddler” van Roon view on the issue is

“Many viewers do not understand the need for a balance; many statistics are considered before a change is made. To add to the echo chamber by many beginners and casual players is just a way for players to tell us they are there without really influencing the decision made.”

Casual and professional players play for a range of reasons. However, they have the same goal in mind: getting enough gold to buy whatever they want. Also, to get strong enough to break the enemy’s base. Smaller players quickly know the metadata trickling down as they watch the professionals, who use mostly LOL smurf accounts to practice.

Shining Popularity

League of Legends has over 8 million players playing at any given moment around the world. Riot games work endlessly to make sure that it does not change by working to solve problems if a problem arises. It is done by making a consensus on the issues and finding the right balance, reaching a consensus with over 120 million players worldwide on the League of Legends’ direction.

Its competitive nature also holds the game-high among other game developers, such as epic games Fortnite. Climbing the ranks using your personal LOL account is strenuous. The advantage is that it feels like an achievement as a player as you improve and gain rewards. With more practice and effort, playing professional players is only a matter of time.

Since it started running, Riot games ensure that there are updates released every two weeks. Challenges are added with every update made for players to be kept entertained with the game. It also works to bring in new players. The best part is that there is no added cost as, just like the game, the updates are completely free.

Short Games

The appeal of the LOL game is its short playtime. Games like World of Warcraft that are more than 2+ hours long make League of Legends 35 minutes online game seem extremely short. Planning your day efficiently is possible while squeezing a game or two. It is without worrying about getting lost playing the game while still letting the controller rest. Its multiplayer features also stand out as playing the game with friends and family is possible without overdoing it.

League of Legends is still expected to rise even with Riot games’ scandal controlling the games still fresh. Free-to-play, multiplayer capabilities and constant updates make up for a thrilling gaming experience. New players are expected to join the fandom, making LOL accounts active at any time raise to over 10 million. Considering Riot games considers the region of players, statistics on winnings, losses, and the number of players, the balance created, although will never be 100% satisfactory, will be good enough to make the game the most popular game globally long time to come.