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Kingface – What Exactly Happened to KingFace?


What Exactly Happened to KingFace?: KingFace, an American rapper and Trump supporter who died at the age of 38, was a conservative Trump supporter. Please continue reading to find out what occurred to the Rapper that resulted in his death.

Kingface – What Exactly Happened to KingFace?


Fans of KingFace, also known as Larry Henry, are distraught about the star’s untimely death. The rapper and social media celebrity, who was 38 at his death, was well-known for being a Republican and a fan of Donald Trump.

Rob Smith, a friend and fellow conservative activist, was the first to break the news of the Rapper’s death. Many of the Rapper’ admirers have voiced their sorrow and are grieving his passing on social media. “What happened to KingFace?” you may wonder as you read on.

Who knows what happened to KingFace

According to Rob Smith, a conservative activist, KingFace has died, as confirmed by a Facebook post. In his blog post, Smith described KingFace as “an extremely profound, smart, and kind” man, which you can read here.

Following the Rapper’s death, another conservative artist, Bryson Gray, wrote a tweet reading, “RIP TO KING FACE. “One of the most genuine individuals I’ve ever met.

He was the first individual associated with the MAGA movement to share my songs on social media. His film was the impetus behind my purchase of the “Big MAGA hat.” He was the first person to allow me to perform with him during the Brexit festival in London. RIP.”

According to the Rapper, Stefan Urquelle, a 38-year-old Rapper’s acquaintance, took to the Rapper’s Instagram account and released a video in August 2020.

The footage indicated that KingFace was coma due to a renal ailment spread throughout his body, as demonstrated in the video below. The Rapper’s desire to keep his medical concerns quiet, according to Urquelle, was confirmed by himself.


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On August 26, Bryson Gray also spoke regarding KingFace’s health and well-being. As a result, he revealed that his friend was “now battling for his life.” The KingFace family informed Gray that KingFace has been in a coma since July 2020.

With his medical expenditures, Marion Krauser assists KingFace’s wife, a GoFundMe website established in August, and fans were encouraged to send money. It was not immediately clear what ailment the artist was suffering.

According to the fundraising page, KingFace is currently receiving treatment in the intensive care unit of “one of the greatest hospitals” in New York City, according to the page. Within a few days, the page had amassed more than $80,000 in donations.

What caused KingFace’s death?

According to the Rapper’s friend Stefan Urquelle, KingFace was suffering from a renal ailment that had spread throughout his body when he discovered it. However, after the Rapper’s death on September 29, several disturbing allegations have surfaced about his death. One of KingFace’s ex-girlfriends has come forward and made alarming claims about him, even though an official cause of death has is not released to the general public.

KingFace's death

A sensational Instagram Live broadcast included the Rapper’s purported ex-girlfriend speaking with Instagram celebrity Tony Montana. YouTube channel Clout Wars has posted the video, which you can see below.

In the video, the Rapper’s ex-girlfriend said that KingFace had been suffering from HIV for several years and had willfully given the infection to multiple people, including herself, by engaging in unprotected sex with numerous other women.

Ayobinksss, KinFace’s ex-girlfriend, who goes by the Instagram handle “ayobinksss,” claimed that she had observed the Rapper’s health deteriorate over a year. He would frequently wake up coughing and would be exhausted most of the time. Because of the virus’s effect on his health, she said that the Rapper was in chronic pain for the previous year.

She also alleged that she began experiencing HIV-related symptoms in March 2020. By June of year, she had tested positive for the virus while continuing in a monogamous relationship with the Rapper.

In real life, the Rapper’s ex-girlfriend said that she had come into contact with many women who claimed to have gotten the virus from the artist. Fans of the Rapper, on the other hand, are continually supporting him against all of these allegations.

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