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Kingface: What Exactly Happened To KingFace?


Last updated on January 6th, 2023 at 04:40 pm

 Who are you? When people speak about Donald Trump, they often use the term “kingface“. Some people have claimed that Kingface is a Trump supporter. However, this is false. He, on the other hand, is a big fan of school and a huge dog lover.

Larry Henry KingFace  Was Born In Florida

KingFace, also known as Larry Henry was born in Florida in 1959. When he was just three months old, he was given to his father. At the age of three, he moved to Brooklyn.

He has been a Donald Trump fan since he was a kid. He  remembers the days when Donald was a successful businessman and a reality TV star.



KingFace was raised in a dysfunctional family. He was raised in the Bloods. He created an outreach program for urban youth to help them learn life skills.

He was an important figure in New York City. His social media followers are large. His Instagram account has over 140,000 followers.

Larry Henry KingFace was a social-media influencer

Larry Henry (aka KingFace) was a social media influencer many years ago. After appearing on Candace Owens’ show, the rapper became a household name.

He was invited to the White House to meet with President Trump at one point. The president also gave him a compliment on his outfit. Born in Florida, the rapper lived in Queens.

KingFace's death

He was both a rapper as well as a politician. He was a MAGA fan and a member the Bloods. His wife Marion Krouser, and their son Libra are still with him.

KingFace has an extensive Instagram following and a YouTube channel. His official website promoted his achievements while also selling conservative clothing.

Larry Henry KingFace was a Donald Trump fan

Larry Henry, also known professionally as KingFace was a social media celebrity and conservative commentator.

He was a strong supporter of President Donald Trump and had a large following on social media. KingFace was born and raised in Florida. He currently resides in New York City.

He was raised by his mother and father. He was troubled in his childhood, and was eventually arrested on gun charges. After eighth grade, he stopped going to school.

He was also involved with gangs. KingFace is a popular social media user and many of his followers are in shock.

KingFace was a Trump fan and had several tattoos, one of which was on his wrist. KingFace loved dogs as well. KingFace enjoyed watching movies about mafia.

Larry Henry KingFace loved dogs

The MAGA Hat (which stands for “Make America Great Again”) became a popular symbol of Trump’s support during the presidential campaign.

It is well-known in New York City, where it can be easily recognized by passersby in many colors and forms. KingFace was a Trump supporter, but he also admired Barack Obama.

His hat is often featured in media coverage about the president’s administration. He was also the only person in his community who didn’t wear a crimson hat. Walking his dog, which he affectionately called a “dachshund”, was his favorite pastime.

Larry Henry KingFace loved movies

KingFace was involved in many activities throughout his life. KingFace started a mentoring program for urban youth. He started a clothing business that promoted conservative views and President Trump’s achievements.

KingFace overcame his past difficulties despite them. KingFace’s popularity on social media grew exponentially and he was soon a prominent political figure.

His Instagram account has over 180,000 followers and he also has a YouTube channel. Trump invited him to the White House. He has had a difficult time in his health.

In July, he was diagnosed with a serious kidney infection that spread to his entire body. His friend Stefan Urquelle posted a video in August about KingFace’s situation. He was in a coma since several months.

Larry Henry KingFace was a school fan

Larry Henry, also known as KingFace has been a successful urban rapper despite his past struggles. His Instagram account has over 2 million views and his YouTube channel has more than 2,000,000.

Candace Owens has also featured him on a talk-show. Before he became a rapper, he was a real-estate mogul. He also was a big fan of President Donald Trump while he was in office.

According to some reports, he has a special affinity for the mafia. He enjoys reading and is an avid reader. He was also known for his workouts and worked out 5-6 times per week. He loved to watch Mafia movies and had a talent for getting tattoos.

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