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Is The Google Cloud Platform Marketplace Different From AWS?


Many of us have the same question: whether the GCP cloud platform is different from AWS or not. You must make your choices for the selection of the GCP platform as per your feasibility. But before that, you have to know the core differences between the two marketplaces to make your investment decision on one platform.

Several parameters are there depending on which you can decide which cloud platform suits your business the best. You cannot make your decisions depending on a single-ended approach. Try to compare facts to conclude.

Essential Points Of Difference Between Google Cloud Platform & AWS Platform

Several points of differences are there between the Google Cloud Platform and AWS platform. Let’s explore the differences between the two to get a better understanding of it.

1. Market Share

The Google Cloud Service platform has less market share initially compared to the AWS market platform. In the last year, the market growth rate of the Google Cloud platform is 6%, whereas the market growth rate of the AWS platform is 31%, with an annual growth rate of revenue of $10.8 billion.

On the other hand, in the second quarter, the growth rate of the market share of Google Cloud platforms has increased to 43%, and AWS revenue grew to 29%. Therefore this vast difference in the second quarter tells the whole story about the acceptability rate. Why to sell on  GCP Google?

2. Pricing

The most significant difference between the two platforms, commonly known platforms, are GCP and AWS. Why to sell on  gcp google? one of the tricky questions to address. Here, the Google Cloud platforms provide significant price advantages compared to that of the AWS platforms.

Google Cloud platforms launch various features and benefits in its platform to sell your products free of cost and do not have to make any additional registration process. On the other hand, in every step of the AWS platform, you have to undergo several registration processes to get things done as per your requirement.

3. Features & Services

AWS offers 200 different types of services, whereas Google Cloud Platforms provides 95 different kinds of services. If you need quality, then the AWS platforms will suit you the best. On the other hand, if you need to cut your cost down, then GCP is best for you.

You have to select the data management platforms as per your requirement. Ensure that whichever platform you choose must meet your needs effectively as it can help you achieve your objectives in a better way.

4. Global Reach

In terms of price and flexibility, the GCP beats AWS platforms. On the other hand, in terms of scalability, the global reach of the GCP platform is 24 regions, 73 zones, and it is currently present in more than 35 countries of the world.

On the other hand, in the AWS platforms, it is spread in 24 regions, 77 zones, and more than 245 countries and territories. In terms of the global reach, AWS beats GCP, but if you want flexibility and ease in the work process, then GCP is the best for you.

Why Did You Need To Know The Difference Between The Two Platforms?

You must know the difference between the two cloud computing platforms as it will help you make the wise decision that which platform you must select from your end while you want to develop your business pattern and want to meet your business needs. Proper comparison can help you to achieve your objectives in a better way. You will have to decide as per the current requirement.


Hence, if you want flexibility and a price reduction, then GCP is best for you. On the other hand, if you wish for more feasibility in your work process and better features in your service, then applying to AWS will be best for you. Here, you need to decide as per your requirements and needs and requirements. Develop plans that can suit your needs.

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