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Is Byron Donalds Wife White? Facts About Erika Donalds



Byron Donalds is a Florida Republican congressman recently making headlines as one of their potential Speaker candidates. His wife Erika Donalds is an education entrepreneur and former school board member; as such many people are curious to know more about them as he is one of few Black Republicans serving in Congress; So, is Byron Donalds wife white?

Here are some facts about Erika Donalds and her family

Erika Donalds is white. Born in Tampa, Florida on August 1980 and of Irish and German ancestry according to her profile.

Erika Donalds met Byron Donalds while both studied accounting at Florida State University. They married on March 2003 and have since shared 20 years together with three sons: Damon, Darin and Mason.

Erika Donalds is a certified public accountant and the founder and CEO of Optima Foundation, a non-profit that operates charter schools in Florida. Additionally, she serves on the National Coalition for Public School Options which advocates for school choice and parental rights.

Erika Donalds served on the Collier County School Board from 2014-2018 as its sole Republican, often clashing with her colleagues over issues such as curriculum, testing and budget. Additionally, she led an unsuccessful statewide effort to amend Florida Constitution with term limits for school board members in 2018.

Erika Donalds is an outspoken supporter of former President Donald Trump and has regularly appeared on Fox News to discuss education and politics, while standing up for her husband @ByronDonalds against criticism and attacks from the left. Erika also tweeted “The left fears strong, successful Black men like my husband @ByronDonalds because they have proven so difficult to defeat. Until they stop trying, we won’t back down. Nor will we allow themselves to intimidate or silence us – #MAGA #KAG #FL19\

Erika Donalds and Byron Donalds share strong Christian faiths and an affection for liberty, making them an exemplary pair. They’ve described themselves as both “power couple” and a “dynamic duo” working to advance their values and vision together. But they have faced hardships such as past arrests for marijuana use and bribery (for which Byron Donalds later apologized), racism and discrimination both within their party as well as outside. But both couples remain proud of their interracial marriage and diverse family backgrounds!

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