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Internet in Real Time


Internet in Real Time: The use of the internet in the current day is unparallel to anything ever seen before. Wherever you go you will see people on their smartphones, tablets and computers all connected to the internet. The most common use of the internet is through social media, hence why businesses are currently optimising digital marketing to reach out to a wide target audience. Below are the top used internet sites.

Internet in Real Time


  • Facebook (173 billion likes within the last month)
  • Instagram (30 billion likes within the last month)
  • Twitter (15 billion new tweets in the last month)
  • Snapchat (6 billion people using the service within the last month)
  • YouTube (150 billion video views in the last month)

As we can see, a large audience percentage of the population is using and interacting on social media every single day. This is ideal for businesses as it provides them with an outsourcing opportunity to reach a wide range of potential customers across the globe.

Businesses and internet companies alike are optimising the current and future window of opportunity to appeal to a wide target audience made available in the current day. For example, Netflix was introduced in 1997, it was difficult to reach such a large audience. However, according to mobilesignalboosters, within the last month to specific, Netflix has generated over $518,400,000 within 30 days. Netflix is completely reliant on the internet, without it Netflix wouldn’t exist. This illustrates the continued expansion of internet companies such as Netflix and the potential for lots of money to be made through the growth of services across the web.


Another popular example is the use of Paypal. Payal is a system which allows for money transfers to happen across the globe, providing a secure payment method used by businesses and individuals alike. Similarly to Netflix, Paypal is solely an internet company. Without the internet, Paypal would not exist. The growth of Paypal is represented through $37 million in payment transactions within the last month, this is 20x more what’s app messages sent in the same time frame.

PayPal, however, is unique in the sense that connects all business alike, including friends and families. PayPal is used for purchasing more or less anything on the internet, functional with businesses such as Amazon, Google, Apple, Nike etc., the list goes on. With the recent addition of crowdfunding, PayPal has allowed for group money pools to be generated, whether it be for a group holiday or for a charity, money can be added to a single account like never before. Prior to PayPal, money would need to be transferred to a bank account or collected in cash, a costly and often confusing experience for those involved. With PayPal, it’s as simple as providing an email address for either clients, friends or family to send money across.


Amazon is also another classic example. Founded in 1994, Amazon allows the opportunity for individual sellers and businesses alike to list items online for customers to purchase. Amazon also sells products themselves, having warehouses across the world where the products are stored. Last month alone, Amazon generated $15 billion in revenue, the largest e-commerce website in the world. Amazon, however, is frequently expanding, with the introduction of Amazon Music in 2007, becoming a strong competitor for the likes of Spotify and Apple music, and the introduction of Amazon video in 2006 competing with the likes of Netflix and television in general.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter


The use of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the most popular and widely used forms of social media across the world. In terms of development, Facebook especially has allowed for the introduction of Facebook advertising, a service in which provides users with the opportunity to directly advertise their products or services to a set number of people within a given timeframe, providing direct exposure for their business, especially useful in start-ups. Facebook advertising is a relatively new phenomenon, however, promises increased future growth for both small and large scale businesses.

The likes of Instagram can be compared. With 30 billion likes in the last month, Instagram offers wide target market. Before sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter advertising online has previously been done through the main platform of Google advertising and Google AdWords, still a used platform however popular in demand. Using a combination of different social media marketing platforms will allow for ultimate exposure when it comes to businesses. The future of these really is unpredictable, with such a large shift in technology within the last decade numbers only appear to be going up with technology becoming more and more advanced, connecting more and more people across the globe. Numbers can only expect to increase.

With Twitter reporting 15 billion retweets in the last month, (the third highest ranking social media platform) it is a worthy mention. Twitter is reportedly the best social media platform for businesses. Although considerably less than both Facebook and Instagram, Twitter has grown massively within the last 5 years, providing opportunities for businesses to reach out to their customers and businesses to interact with other businesses. Within the up and coming future, there is the potential to see social media combine even further with e-commerce, hopefully seeing a link between the two into a more fluid and dynamic system, promoting the usefulness of the site for businesses.


Finally, another worthy mention is YouTube. Generating over 150 million video views within one month, YouTube reaches a wide audience, especially the younger generation. YouTube has recently expanded with the likes of YouTube music, YouTube premium and YouTube movies following the success of both Amazon and Netflix. YouTube as a platform allows videos to be created and shared across the world, reaching a wide and diverse audience. Different businesses use YouTube (including small businesses) to advertise their services, conduct product views and even release feature films. The growth of YouTube has not only impacted individuals interacting with others, but it’s also impacted businesses, being able to advertise to a massive audience and promote their products.

Infographic source: https://www.mobilesignalboosters.uk.com/internet-in-realtime/

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