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iMind — One of the Leaders in the Video Conferencing Industry According to Customers’ Reviews


Last updated on January 16th, 2023 at 05:48 pm

Video conferencing is a popular tool to run a business aiming to save time and resources on travel, organization, arrangements, etc. And the more video conferencing platforms are versatile, the better they are integrated into the work of specialists in different spheres. The iMind tools are some of such universal solutions. Why exactly are people using iMind for video conferences and chat for business? iMind.com reviews will reveal the truth.


What capacities does the iMind platform offer?

This video conferencing tool for companies provides its customers with a wide variety of options to organize and maintain a smooth work process. To be more specific, you can manage remote communication using the following features:

  • You can create several rooms for business or other conferences. The limits depend on the plan – if you use functions free of charge, you cannot make more than ten rooms. 
  • You can invite many people (up to a hundred), but there’s a limit for video usage (4 as an unchargeable option, 12 for a Pro subscription, etc.). 
  • There’s a possibility for an unlimited recording of your online meetings. A Pro subscription allows you to do several recordings at once. In the Business plan, they are stored forever. 
  • To invite a user, send him a custom room link you’ve created. To join the call, follow it. 
  • Participants joining the conference can be verified while they are in the waiting room. For this, visual authentication is suggested. If you want to limit their number, set the volume of invitees. 
  • Use the option of screen sharing with several other attendees at the same time. 

When you start the conference, you don’t need to worry about the background sounds that can disturb your meeting. Noise suppression is designed for your comfortable conditions to talk and work. 

How to get started using iMind?

To integrate the iMind platform into your work process, you don’t need much effort. First, create the account:

  1. Go to the web page (the link above).
  2. Find the “Log in” button.
  3. Choose how you prefer to enter the system.
  4. Choose the plan.
  5. Create the room and manage it as you wish. 

To create one, you need to make three clicks and write a couple of words as the name of your future meeting room. 

Reviews of users about the platform in the USA

In the United States, users appreciate iMind as one of the top platforms for online communication with video. They underline smooth work and variability of the features they use. Overall experience people present shows that the tool is convenient for teamwork, freelance, studentship, etc. So even with some minor lags, the iMind solution is recognized as the one worth paying attention to. For more review details, visit the G2 website.

People in the U.S.A. appreciate high-quality products and software solutions as well. The iMind platform is developing rapidly, and this tool can grow further and finally become the undisputable industry leader. Join the platform and be a part of this fast-growing community!

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