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How To Use Instagram Live For Business: 7 Tips To Grow Your Brand Awareness



Instagram Live For Business

Today user experience on social media takes various forms. Some platforms, like YouTube or Twitter, concentrate on a single aspect, and some, like Instagram – try to embrace as many formats as possible. For businesses, diversity works well as it allows them to provide customers with different kinds of content and widen the audience.

One of the common aspects that many brands struggle with is live streaming sessions on Instagram. This feature seems to be less useful than other content formats on Instagram, thus is often neglected. But, with the right plan and preparation, it can improve your results and get more ig live views, especially if you have a backup strategy to buy Instagram live views at website.

Read this article to find out how to use Instagram Live with the best result for your brand awareness. 

What Is Instagram Live Anyway?

Live is a real-time event that takes place on Instagram. You go online and connect with your viewers instantly, and can react to their comments immediately. This is a form of interaction that helps you to improve your relationship with potential customers and speak to them in a more informal way. It allows you to expose your brand just like you would do it on a theme exhibition, and this feature turned out to be extremely useful during the global pandemic and quarantine. 

Why Do You Need Instagram Live In Your Strategy?

Instagram Live

Brand promotion on Instagram is basically a complex of different ways to impress the viewer, so live is one of these methods to come closer to your target group and improve your reputation and brand awareness. It helps to create a more trustworthy and stable environment in your profile in general. Also, as Instagram live is about real-time communication, it can be an effective lever for your new followers that should motivate them to purchase your products. 

How To Improve Brand Awareness Using Instagram Live?

Of course, the online sessions separately cannot be effective, so you must keep in mind that Instagram needs diverse content to prove its productivity. However, here are 7 tips that will help you to nail down Instagram Live specifically. 

Plan Q&A sessions regularly

One of the most efficient methods to improve your brand awareness with life is to come up with Q&As. People love this format a lot, and such a topic for Instagram live will attract more users, even if they are not going to ask questions directly. With such sessions, you can easily expose your brand from all angles and promote your product. 

Pro tip: have a backup list of the most popular questions about your product and brand – sometimes people can be shy at first, so you can keep the conversation up, avoiding uncomfortable pauses.

Use Live as an exhibit field

Instagram Live can be a presentation of your new offerings and products that your viewers are waiting for. This feature has become more popular during the global quarantine when it was impossible to set up real-life exhibits and present the products at specific events. The live session is your private space for exposure, so make yourself look as professional as you can. 

Forget about promotion

Social media is not about aggressive sales. Here you need a rather smart and discreet strategy, that will impact your followers delicately. Live sessions on Instagram are not excluded from that. While you are online with your viewers, your goal is not to sell as many items as possible but to connect and relate with your followers. They will turn into paying customers later without any further effort. You only have to make the connection bilateral, meaning – your viewers must feel that you care about them and are eager to communicate and know more about their needs and interests. That’s what Instagram Live does great – users can speak to you easily and feel themselves on the same level because when you are on air, there are no masks and corporate policies. Just you as a brand representative, a human being that is easy to approach and ask something, as well as get more genuine feedback. 

Make it more personal

Again, it’s social media! People want to meet and communicate with other people. So Instagram live is a superb method to humanize your brand and connect with your followers as a person. Personalization and association with a certain human are very effective in modern promotion strategy. Robotic and soulless answers are not interesting and motivating anymore. Promoting your be]rand on Instagram allows you to place all the basic information in visual and text forms, and concentrate on communication as your basic content is now covered. Besides, you should showcase how your personality affected your brand growth and creation. 

Pay attention to comments

While the broadcast is on, users can comment on it in real-time mode. This is a truly fantastic way to get more information about your target audience so as to use it later for improving your promotion strategy in general. Read and answer the most comments, but try to consolidate similar queries as you go. Instagram has a limit of 1 hour, remember that. Tell users that they can also ask their questions in your direct messages, and keep your promises to reply asap. Be ready for critics as well, so it will be good for your to prepare for your future broadcast with some notes to keep your speech consistent. 

Increase the engagement 

The main reason why social media have such a huge success is that they are fun. Hence, your goal is to make your session engaging and interesting enough to motivate people to watch it. Interact with your viewers not only through comments but in all other possible ways. Have fun, laugh, and don’t get too formal. A free and lightweight conversation will be much more productive for you. Play games, tell jokes, and allow yourself to be silly, as well as sincere with the audience to get the most productive feedback.

Pro tip: you can reward the most active spectators with discounts or material prizes, to increase activity on your live broadcast. 

Talk about different things

Sometimes, it is useful to step away from your brand in order to provide more interest to it. Share your way from the start, and speak about things that are not exactly related to your business. It can be industry news or social situations that happen around you. World events can also be engaging material to discuss with your followers. All that helps you to know your audience better and later adjust your strategy according to this knowledge. 


Instagram Live is one of the many instruments that IG offers to businesses. It may seem complicated to use at first, and you can experience the fright of your session being not interesting to people. However, the key to success is to provide engaging information in a fun and free form, without concentrating on your product too much. Leave product presentations and other things like that for later, and focus on engaging your followers in the interesting conversation. Be yourself, and talk about things that concern you as a person, not just a brand owner.