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How To Program And Automate Your Home?



Automate Your Home

Smart homes allow you to forget about many technical aspects of everyday life and focus on other tasks, work without problems at home or provide free time for family or leisure. There are ready-made solutions on the market and there are systems that allow you to translate any creative idea into an automated process. 

The user can independently program the reaction of the system components to emerging events or use an already created library. Indispensable elements in the automation process are high-speed actuators that provide additional safety and speed of movement. Renowned manufacturers such as Progressive automations, offer a wide range of actuators to suit any application.

What can be programmed and automated?

Home automation is not just a narrowly focused system that can demonstrate just one trick. The functionality and possibilities of this action are almost endless. It’s hard to believe, but an improved operating system will be able to command the entire house. It is possible to program and automate the system of lighting, security, water supply, ventilation, support of a certain microclimate in the room.

Next comes a separate direction like programming household appliances, which would start their work at a certain time – the vacuum cleaner cleans, the washing machine works, the chicken is sealed in the oven. And you can even tell the fridge that you’re out of ice. Then he will be able to increase the volume of its production.

And you can automate some of your furniture separately so that the curtains open either according to the sensor readings or by voice command so that the sofa changes its position with the help of remote control by order or opens its secret doors so that a minibar or music centre is available to you.

How can you program?

Programming is a tricky process and for this, as well as for everything, you need to contact specialists. To program your house, you will have to create something like the following architecture:

  • Net. The simplest is Wi-Fi. You can find Ethernet options for almost any IoT gadget
  • Broker system. Raspberry PI or any other computer for handling MQTT messages and other protocols.
  • Storage System. This is any sufficiently capacious disk, the volume of which is limited only by your imagination.

If you are going to manage your home from a mobile phone, then you need an external IP address with a domain and Let’s Encrypt.

How can you automate?

For everything to work according to a well-coordinated scenario, the controller is responsible. It manages automation scenarios and ensures the interaction of all devices. All information for him throughout your home is collected by sensors installed in all strategic places.

As soon as this information is received by the controller, it starts issuing commands to the actuators. Well, for example, the sensors showed that the level of oxygen decreased in the room. He sends this information to the controller, the controller commands the curtains to open first, then the window.

Fortunately, today, due to the interest of users in the implementation of certain elements of Home Automation in homes, manufacturers are tirelessly developing and increasing the production of systems of varying complexity – from full-fledged boxed solutions using AI to kits based on microcontrollers that allow you to quickly solve applied problems of varying complexity.

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