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How to Optimized Your Smartphone for Gaming


Smartphone for Gaming

How to Optimize Your Smartphone for Gaming: Smartphones have allowed us to take our favourite games with us wherever we go. In fact, playing games on our handsets have become so popular that gaming represents 43% of the time spent on smartphones. It is so convenient to be able to just pull your phone out of your pocket and get in a few rounds of Candy Crush or Fortnite while you’re out and about.

However, sometimes our phones don’t quite keep up with the requirements of the games we want to play. When this happens, there’s no need to rush out and upgrade to a new phone. Instead, troubleshooting a few things can often improve your phone’s performance. This article explains what you can do to optimize your smartphone for gaming.

Free Up Space on Your Phone

Whether you’re playing a massively multiplayer online game or a game in an online casino, you can enhance your experience by freeing up space on your phone. Unwanted apps are one of the main culprits when it comes to lacklustre gaming performance. You’ve probably installed several apps since you bought your phone, and some you probably don’t use anymore. Every app on your phone takes up precious space and may even run in the background. Reviewing the apps on your phone and uninstalling those you don’t need will improve gaming performance on your smartphone.

Adjust System Settings

When you’re playing games like Forest Rescue 2, Candy Land, or Pet Rescue Saga, you probably won’t be pushing your phone to the limits. However, if you play more graphic intensive games, you may find your phone’s performance becomes sluggish at times. When this happens, check your system’s settings to see if there’s anything you can adjust to improve your phone’s speed. If you’re gaming on a 4G LTE or 5G phone, you want to be sure your phone’s settings are right to ensure you’re using the right technology and to prevent connectivity issues.

Add a Controller

Smartphone for Gaming

Depending on what types of games you typically play on your phone, a controller may be a good investment. If you play battle royale or role-playing mobile games, a touchscreen isn’t going to give you the amount of control you’d get from a mouse, keyboard, or console controller. As a result, your gaming experience will suffer. The good news is that there are a lot of controllers available as add-ons for smartphones. These controllers attach directly to both sides of your device, allowing you to hold the entire system in your hands. Once you play games on your phone with a controller, you’ll find it hard to return to touchscreen gameplay.

Update Your Phone

Sometimes an update to your phone is the only thing standing between you and an optimal gaming experience. Whenever you’re experiencing sluggish gaming performance on your phone, it’s a good idea to confirm whether you have installed the latest software update available for your device. This step is important because software updates fix bugs, improving the stability and performance of your handset. Plus, they often add new features to your device. You can find the software updates in the ‘about phone’ section on your smartphone.

Optimize Your Battery Life

Intensive gaming can be very taxing on your phone’s battery, causing it to run slow or shut down. Placing your phone in power saver mode is one way to conserve your battery’s energy while you’re gaming. All you have to do is tap on the battery in the settings menu and choose the option that best meets your needs. When you’re running your phone in battery save mode, your phone will restrict background activity, so you won’t get notifications from apps like Instagram, Tik-Tok, Messenger, and others. When you turn off power saver mode, your phone will begin sending you notifications again.

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