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How to Host an Epic Video Game Party


Are you looking for an excuse to dedicate hours upon hours of video gaming with your friends? Do you want a way to celebrate your birthday (or someone else’s) in a way that you/they will enjoy? If so, then you should consider throwing a video game party.

How to Host an Epic Video Game Party

Doing so can be a tremendous way to create some lasting memories. Everyone gets a chance to mingle with people, eat some great food, and—of course— play video games. It’s all about piecing together the perfect elements to create a video game night that no one will ever forget.

See below for how to throw gaming parties that you and your friends will enjoy. If successful, this can become a weekly or monthly thing!

1.Choose Your Game(s)

Maybe there is a specific game that you and your friends bond over. Perhaps you all have different preferences on which games you enjoy while gaming online. Whatever the case might be, you’ll want to choose the primary game you’ll be playing that night.

From there, you can decide how the party will be laid out. For example, if you chose NHL21 as the primary game, you could set up a tournament-style gaming party with an awesome prize at the end.

If you chose a game like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, then you would be able to have up to four people playing at any given time. You can either set that up tournament-style or just set up a “winner stays” type of situation.

The game you choose also indicates how many people you should invite. So if you chose NHL21 or FIFA21 and did a tournament-style, you might consider having somewhere around 8 to 10 people over.

Remember, it’s your party. You set the rules. If you want to go through multiple games in one night, you’re free to do so! Just make sure your guests are interested in doing so as well.

2.Invite Your Posse

Maybe you’re just looking to invite your go-to group of friends over for a gaming session. Perhaps you are wanting to invite a mix of work friends, childhood friends, and so on. Heck, you might even be trying to impress a special someone by throwing this party.

Whatever the case might be, the guest list is crucial! You want to make sure you have the proper headcount for everyone (that wants to play) to get multiple opportunities to play.

Also, be sure to factor in that not everyone will want to partake in the gameplay. For example, one of your friend’s girlfriends or boyfriends might not have as much of an interest in playing.

So, in that case, you may want to invite one more person who is interested in playing, especially if you’re doing a tournament-style game night.

3.Think of Other Party Aspects

Even though it’s called a video game party, video games aren’t the only key ingredient. A truly awesome video game night will offer things like food, drinks, and more.

If you’re planning to have everyone over well into the night, consider taking a break from the action by watching a movie. Go through a few movie rentals to see which ones you might want to watch.

As far as food is concerned, you’ll want to think about the guests that are attending. Do they have any allergies you need to be aware of? Are they particular about the food they eat?

Also, think about yourself and how you’ll need to prepare. The food doesn’t have to be elaborate. You can just order a bunch of pizzas, ask everyone to bring a dish of something, and voila! You have enough delicious food for everyone.

Don’t stress out about the details too much. People are coming for two reasons: video games and the chance to hang out. Any additional thought that goes into your party will be like icing on the cake in their eyes.

4.Have a Seat for Each Butt

There’s nothing worse than being invited to a party, then getting there and realizing that there are way more people there than there are seats to sit in or even room to stand. Don’t put your guests in an awkward situation.

Make sure that a) you have enough seats for everyone you invite and b) those seats are in close enough proximity to where you’re playing. Even if someone doesn’t plan to play all night, you want them to feel included.

Not everyone will flock to the same area from the get-go. Some will take a while to warm up before they sit down next to everyone else. All you can do is give them a seat to sit in once they’re comfortable.

5.Compensate for the Size of Your Party

As the host, you can’t afford to create any self-inflicted party fouls from poor planning. Make sure that you compensate for all features of your party for the number of people that you invited.

For example, make sure you have four controllers for your system. Make sure that the TV is large enough for everyone to see. Have enough food for everyone to get at least two portions for themselves.

Lastly, don’t think that all of this is on you. Ask your guests to help out. For example, if you need two more controllers, ask a guest with the same system to bring their controllers over. 

Use These Tips for Your Epic Video Game Party

Now that you have seen several helpful tips and tricks to consider while you throw an amazing video game party, it’s time to get to planning!

Start by thinking of the keystone guests you’ll be inviting. What video games do they enjoy? What food do they prefer? Do they prefer large crowds or an intimate group of people?

Be sure to browse our website for more articles on throwing incredible parties, as well as many other helpful topics that you will enjoy.

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