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How to Get Certified in CEH?


Certified in CEH

The Ethical Hacker certification is intended for IT professionals who wish to pursue careers in security. This can include network security, system security, web application security, server security, mobile security, or cloud security. CEH professionals easily identify gaps and potential security problems in computer networks and security systems. This information is then used to improve systems. 

Ethical hackers, as CEH certified professionals are often described, think in similar ways to criminal hackers. Ethical hackers find vulnerabilities in networks and computer systems and focus on implementing processes that are more robust against security threats. One of the best places to get certified as an ethical hacker is EC-Council University, a recognized cyber security education institution whose certificates are accepted worldwide.

What is CEH Certification?

CEH is the name given to ethical hacking certifications offered by the EC-Council. There are essentially three certifications: CEH, CEH Practical, and CEH Master.

The Certified Ethical Hacker program (CEH) aims at providing a theoretical understanding of cybersecurity to professionals. The CEHs Practical focuses on cybersecurity skills and abilities, and a candidate can only obtain the Master certification after being awarded both CEH and CEH Practical.

This trio of certifications is part of the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) program. Besides, they are also part of the EC-Council’s Continuing Education Scheme.

Why obtain the CEH Certification?

CEH certifications can be really beneficial in advancing an IT professional’s career in security. A few main objectives of the certification are:

  • Resolving multiple security-related issues with a single certification such as CEHs.
  • Developing and regulating standards for the protection of information systems.
  • Ascertaining relevant skills showcasing the evidence of the person’s ability to prevent IT attacks.
  • Providing a framework for the development of an ethical hacking profession and self-regulation.

5-step process to earn your CEH certification with the EC-council

  • Select the Path for the CEH Exam

Decide which eligibility method you will employ to earn your CEH certification. The EC-Council offers two paths to becoming eligible for the CEH Exam:

  1. Completing the CEHs training offered by the EC-Council
  2. Apply for CEHs exam eligibility and receive approval

The first option is the simplest and your best choice. Even if you are eligible, you will want to enroll in a CEH boot camp to ensure your success on the test. If so, you should enroll in an official course, which includes your application fee for the CEHs examination.

When you are certain that self-study is your best option, you should consider the application process. You can apply to be eligible to sit for an examination without official training if you meet the following requirements – a valid CEHs certification, preferably version 1 to 7, or experience with an InfoSec domain of at least two years.

  • Preparation for the CEH Exam

However experienced or confident you are in the CEH domains of ethical hacking, proper preparation for the exam is important. Depending on how familiar you are with the exam material and the type of learner you are, every individual’s preparation for the exam will be different. There are, however, a few basic steps every candidate can follow.

  1. View or download the CEH Exam Blueprint from the EC-Council.
  2. Review the objectives and highlight any areas in which you do not feel confident.
  3. Pay particular attention to those areas of concern.
  4. Then, prepare for the examination by taking timed CEHs practice exams that mimic the actual testing situation.
  • Register for the CEH Certification Examination

You can register for the EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker exam once you feel you are well prepared. It is recommended that you register for your preferred exam at least three days before the scheduled examination. There are two ways to take the CEHs exam:

  1. Register for the exam at a Pearson VUE or other testing facility to take the test physically.
  2. To appear remotely for the exam, register via ProctorU.

The exam will be proctored regardless of the method you select. You will also be required to pass an equipment assessment before sitting for the exam if you choose remote proctoring.

  • Take the CEH Exam and Pass it

After you have prepared for the exam and registered for it, it is time to take it. You must be in the right mental state on the day of your exam. To be at your best, ensure you get a good night’s sleep, eat a filling but healthy meal, and avoid cramming before your exam hours. When you finally sit for your cyber security certification examination, have confidence in your preparation and expect the best results possible.

  • Maintain your Certification as a CEH

Once you are CEH certified, do not forget to renew it. If you fail to do so, you will have to retake the CEHs exam. To renew your CEHs certification, you must follow the following steps:

  • Register for an EC-Council account
  • Go to the EC-Council’s continuing education page
  • Pay your annual membership fee if necessary, and
  • Upload your credits on the site


With non-stop technological advancement, various new kinds of security issues emerge online every day. The IT professionals are best suited to tackle these security threats, and the CEH certification by EC Council makes them even more capable.

In addition, the top organizations in the world are seeking security professionals with ethical hacking skill sets. Thus, if you are an IT professional, a certified ethical hacker certification is nothing less than a ticket to a better salary and job position. So follow the 5-steps and get your certification today!

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