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How to Cycle SARMs? A Beginner’s Guide


Do you want to learn how to cycle SARMs? If so, it is important to make sure you are in the right mental and physical place, first.

If you are not, you are putting your health at risk and wasting your money. It is important to know how SARMs work and what you can achieve with them.

When you are ready to use SARMs for the first time, being informed is a must. Make sure you keep reading for some tips to help you with this.

How to Cycle SARMs? A Beginner’s Guide

SARMs Defined

While you can buy SARMs at almost any health food store or nutrition center, it is not good to dive in without learning a few things first.

SARM means Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. These are a group of therapeutic compounds that have a similar makeup to the anabolic agent. The main difference is the reduced androgenic properties.

This property lets SARMs achieve the androgen-receptor specificity, lack of steroid side effects, and tissue selectivity.

Put simply, SARMs are like steroids, but they do not produce the same side effects.

For an athlete, SARMs will help improve and enhance your performance without having to inject anabolic supplements. When used, the compounds force your body to increase endurance, burn fat, and build muscle.  

Potential Benefits Offered by Using SARMs

The benefits of SARMs are quite appealing to many athletes. Many of the same benefits seen with steroids are offered by SARMs, without the dangerous side effects.

If you are considering a SARM cycle, get to know the potential benefits of it here.

Increase Endurance

Some of the compounds in SARMs, particularly cardarine, can help increase an athlete’s endurance.

If you want to improve your cardio endurance or ability to participate in a specific sport, SARMs can help. With these, you can easily achieve your endurance-related goals.

Supports Fat Loss

Another reason to take SARMs is to help with your diet. Some people who take SARMs experience additional fat oxidation. This is especially area in stubborn parts of the body.

If you use SARMs while cutting, you will be able to retain more muscle mass. This will help ensure you don’t look like a skeleton when you complete your diet.

Increased Muscle Mass

One of the top reasons people are using SARMs today is because they can help increase muscle mass. In fact, they have been proven to reduce muscle wasting in people at rest.

Along with the many studies, there are thousands of forums and people who have seen these results.

How to Cycle SARMs: What You Need to Know When Getting Started

If you are ready to begin your first SARM cycle, there are a few things to know. Keep reading to find out what these things are.

Get Your Psychology Sorted

Wanting to be “bigger” isn’t a good enough reason to begin using SARMs. If you have an emotionally tied reason to use SARMs, it is a good idea to check in with yourself.

You don’t want to do something that will damage your self-esteem even more.

Make sure you have a healthy state of mind and that you are doing this for the right reasons. You should not start a SARM cycle to look bigger, get someone back, or something similar.

The best goal is to look your best and achieve your peak fitness level.

Use Just One Suppressive SARM During Your First Cycle

This tactic needs to be used to help mitigate potential issues or side effects if you experience them.

If you start your first SARMs cycle with a lot of different compounds, it could be problematic. For example, if you experience a serious or extreme side effect, it may be impossible to tell what caused it.

When this happens, you may not be able to mitigate the side effect effectively.

Even using two compounds during your first SARMs cycle is considered too much.

If you have no experience with SARMs and you use Ostarine and LGD-4033 simultaneously, you may experience an unexpected side effect. Figuring out why will be virtually impossible.

When you stick to a single suppressive compound during your initial SARMs cycle, you can reduce your experience’s side effects. It will also make it easier for you to figure out what has caused the side effects.

If you don’t know how your body will react to something, you should not put multiple unknowns in your body simultaneously.

Know What You Want to Achieve

When thinking about starting your first SARMs cycle, you will likely be excited. However, you can’t think that you will immediately see 20 pounds of lean muscle, cut all your fat, and look like you have been lifting weights for years.

The first SARMs cycle needs to be sensible and conservative. This means smaller doses, especially if you plan to stack. You need to monitor everything carefully.

If you have decided your first cycle will be Ostarine at 20 mg, it should reduce fat. With RAD-140 at 20 mg, you should be able to put on more muscle.

You will have to figure out what you will take and then set your expectations accordingly. In most cases, the first cycle will be more about testing what will happen than the end results.

Learn About Post-Cycle Therapy

Understanding Post-Cycle Therapy or PCT  is absolutely essential.

No matter what you have heard, if you are using anything that suppresses your endocrine system, you need to complete a PCT phase at some point. While you may be able to recover without this, it isn’t the case for everyone.

It is best to take time for a PCT regimen after your cycle is complete.

If you are using a mild single compound cycle (as recommended above), a four-week PCT will be sufficient. While this is true, it does not mean this is always the best choice. For some people, this may not be sufficient.

Sleep, Exercise, and Diet Are More Important Than the SARMs

Don’t fall into the trap where you believe that all you have to do is complete a SARM cycle to achieve rippling muscles and zero fat. If you want to succeed with a SARMs cycle, your diet, exercise, and sleep must be perfect.

This goal also requires you to have a healthy lifestyle. If you aren’t working out, eating pizza, and drinking every night, you won’t see the gains you hoped for.

Now is the time to figure out what you can change to support the SARMs cycle. For most, this will include eating a healthy, balanced diet, working out regularly, and getting plenty of sleep.

Plan Your Cycle Time Carefully

You need to remember that building muscle is often a slow process. You can’t build a noticeable amount of muscle in just four weeks, it’s just not possible.

This means that even if you are using a lot of anabolic assistance during your four-week cycle, you won’t gain very much muscle.

Most experts agree that for a productive bulk, you need a minimum of 12 weeks. However, this is going to be longer for some people.

You should also understand that once you reach the two-to-three-month point, your gains may begin to plateau. It is at this point that your Myostatin levels go up. This is when you should cycle off to recover your endocrine function and to reset your Myostatin.

If your goal is bulking, the length of your cycle should be the right amount of time to let your body build new muscle mass. It is also necessary to build on your existing strength levels while increasing your calorie intake slowly.

With cutting, the cycle length needs to be how long it takes you to reach your goal body fat percentage. When using SARMs during a cut, your goal is to retain lean muscle.

It only makes sense that your cycle duration will be as long as needed to burn the total amount of fat required to achieve your desired body fat levels.

Find the Right SARMs and the Right Strategy

You should not start a SARMs cycle without learning more about it. You can read a lot of information on Reddit, but researching this is also important.

Determine the strategy you will use. For your initial cycle, concentrate on just one thing. For most people, it will be using Ostarine to strip fat.

However, if your goal is to recoup with your initial cycle, you can try to stack several SARMs. The strategy you use needs to be clear. So should the cycle length, dosage, and gap after the cycle is complete.

Unless you have clear goals and a set strategy, you will fail.

Understand Training and Diet First

A common issue with people new to SARMs cycles who have not trained much before this is that their endocrine system is not fully developed. However, most newbies will not fully understand proper training and diet for a few years.

Most newbies will start a cycle before they have a quality foundation of muscle on a natural base. If this happens, it may limit their long-term ability to succeed.

Something that will definitely see in this case is poor cycle results.

There is no point in putting your body into a hormonal suppression state if you don’t know the right way to train or diet. During any SARMs cycle, training and diet are essential.

Understand the Potential Side Effects

Not everyone experiences side effects. If you are taking lower dosages, then you probably won’t see any. However, if you stack SARMs or do Testolone or another type of bulking SARM, make sure you fully understand the potential side effects.

Knowing what the side effects may be will help you watch for them. It will also ensure you are prepared to deal with them.

In some situations, you may have to cut your cycle short if they become too much. You also need to plan your after-cycle recovery carefully.

As mentioned before, this requires thinking about the right PCT supplement. If you believe you will need one (or even if you don’t), having one around can be beneficial if your testosterone levels drop significantly.

When you plan ahead, you can avoid a lot of issues from popping up.

Don’t Lose Your Patience
When it comes to achieving SARMs success, patience is key.

Eliminating fat and building muscle over and over again is a long-term commitment. The results seem very slow if you are impatient.

Even on cycle, most people want to see a gain of 15 to 20 pounds of muscle. Unfortunately, this isn’t how the process works.

If you want to build a great physique, remember it is a slow process. It is also something that will take a few years. You must remain patient during this time.

Now You Know How to Cycle SARMs

When asking the question, how to cycle SARMs, you will likely find a lot of information “out there.” While this is true, the tips and information here are designed to provide you with a “cheat sheet” to help you get started sooner.

Be sure to keep the tips and best practices here in mind to maximize the results you see. Achieving success with SARMs is something that takes time but is worth the effort, according to most.

Did you find the content above helpful and informative? Are you looking for more information about an array of topics? If so, be sure to check out some of the other blogs on our page.

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