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How to Choose the best Headphones


How to Choose the best Headphones: In your search for the best headphones, you may have come across a lot of information. To make it easier, here is a summary of what you need to consider when choosing the best headphones.

Further more there are some tips on how to choose between different types of headphones and their features. If you want to know more about this topic, just keep reading!

What should I look into when buying new Headphones?

The first thing that must be considered is sound quality as this is the most important factor in choosing the right type of headphone. After sound quality comes price range as well as comfortability and style preference which all vary from person to person so it’s up to each individual what they prefer most in a headphone set.

1. For the Gadget Junkie: The Pixel Buds.

The Google Pixel Buds offer a great sound quality, which is not just because of the excellent hardware but with the help of the AI-driven translation feature. I am sure this would be useful to tourists like me who travel quite often.

This product links up with Google Translate, thereby translating what you are listening to in real time. This is useful when you are in foreign countries and want to ask directions or simply converse with someone in another language.  As per my test on it, it worked flawlessly for languages that I knew (English) and didn’t work at all when I tried French (which is weird).

I understand that most people reading this article will probably use this for American English but still it is a bit disappointing.  Another thing that I noticed was although the voice is pretty crisp, the volume of the headphones isn’t too high.

2. For The Fashionista: The Philips PH805.

They come in different colors and are shaped like vines wrapping around your ears (although it doesn’t really matter). They were very comfortable to wear over long periods of time and even with glasses, I had no problems whatsoever!  What’s more? They look absolutely stunning if you want to stand out from the crowd; helllllo black swan! The battery life is very impressive too (30 hours) which honestly does not bother me much (what do you mean I am lazy). As for sound quality, it is pretty decent although not mind-blowing.

I am sure the insane battery life would be appealing to people who are constantly on the move or are looking for something that can last for hours without running low on juice. Some downsides include lack of water resistance and no mention of IP Status (although I didn’t test it out).

These headphones do come with a microphone, which is something that I personally don’t need because well…I hate talking over the phone! Call quality was good but nothing great in my opinion.

3. For the Apple Enthusiast: The Apple AirPods Pro.

If you’ve read my previous articles about tech bits or used Siri least once in your life, you’d know how crappy this feature was for users. But Apple, with the newer AirPods Pro, have tried their best to improve it and they actually did! The sound quality is great (especially after pairing these bad boys up with your iPhone) and you can use Siri here too.  The features that I greatly appreciated were the auto call answer/end along with the quick access to Siri just by tapping on one of the buds.

I could talk about all the other cool stuff like range (30 feet), water resistance (don’t dunk them though) but I think you get what I am trying to say; these are very good earbuds especially if you own an Apple device.

4. For the Student: The Bose QuietComfort Earbuds.

For those who just want to concentrate on their studies and listen to some music, these are the perfect buds for you. Don’t go out and buy Beats or something like that if all you do is study; this would work very well.

The noise-cancellation feature was amazing and I found it helpful during my tests run at the library. The sound quality is pretty decent as well but I believe there are other products in its price range which offer a much better quality of sound.

Still, if you have never used noise cancellation feature before, definitely try these because they might change your perception about it!

5. For the Working Professional: The Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2s.

If you work in an environment where there’s a lot of noise, I would definitely advise these earbuds. They feature four ANC microphones which cancel out the ambient noise and basically force your brain to focus on what is being said around you or at least attempt to do so.

The sound quality is very good too and it delivers a punchy bass just like the Beats!  It also comes with touch controls for play/pause and accepting/rejecting calls. While I am not 100% sure about the battery life (I didn’t test that much), it does come with a carrying pouch and additional tips which are great for replacements if damaged by accident or whatever.

6. For The Musician: The Sennheiser MOMENTUM Wireless.

If you are a musician and require the best sound quality for your performances, this is what I would recommend. I tested them out at different settings (R&B, Rock, Pop) and they did not let me down.

For some reason, I could not get enough of how good the bass was on these bad boys! The ear cups were very comfortable to wear too which was a great plus point for me because I hate headphones that go inside my ears.

Other notable features include touch control of music playback along with an active noise-cancellation feature which does a pretty decent job of getting rid of unwanted noises if you want to work on some new ideas while traveling or commuting to work.

7. For the Budget Conscious: The Earfun Free Pros.

The price of these earbuds is a no-brainer and you can get them for at most $15 from Amazon. You would think that the sound quality must be terrible because who wants to pay for crappy earbuds right? Wrong! These were nothing short of amazing, especially when I tested it out with Dance, Metal and Pop genre of music.

For an earphone in this price range, I did not expect much regarding comfort but they fit just fine and did not give me any discomfort while wearing them for a long time period (tested it at two hours).

Since there are no controls on the earphone itself, this might be a downside for some people but I think you can buy additional earbuds of different shapes and sizes if required.

8. For the Gymrat: The Ultimate Ears UE FITS.

Probably my favorite earphone in this list (if not all), these offer a great fit within your ear and it’s like nothing is there, which makes working out very easy indeed.

It definitely did not feel like they would fall out at any point of time which was a relief because trying to do sit-ups or push-ups with shirtless men around can be pretty weird! As far as features are concerned, this comes with three separate options including ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) mode, Ambient Aware mode (lets you listen to what’s happening around you) and Personalized Hearing mode (allows you to adjust your sound settings based on how you hear).

To sum it up, I found the music quality to be very good although I did notice that there was no carrying pouch included which is definitely disappointing.

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