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How Long is the Last of US 2 – Left Behind


How long is the last of us 2 : What Is the Runtime of ‘The Last of Us 2’? Here’s How Long It Takes to Beat It

The Last of Us Part II takes about 25 hours to complete, although it can take longer or shorter depending on how you play.

how long is the last of us 2

If you plan on discovering all of the items, beating The Last of Us Part II can take up to 30 hours, and it can take longer if you play on a higher difficulty setting.

If you don’t care about finding collectibles and play on the easiest difficulty setting, it could take roughly 20 hours.

The Last of Us Part II takes an average of 20 hours to complete the main storey or 24 hours to complete the main storey with extras, according to user ratings on How Long to Beat. To beat the game in a completionist approach, it takes an average of almost 29 hours.

According to the How Long to Beat website, the quickest reported time for completing The Last of Us Part II was 13 hours, and the longest reported time was 31 hours.

While it is possible to rush from encounter to encounter in order to complete the game as soon as possible, there are benefits to taking your time and exploring the environment around you in The Last of Us Part II.

You might, for example, spend some time looking in the restrooms for crafting supplies for Medkits and weapons, as well as supplements to help Ellie enhance her ability tree.

Exploring your surroundings can also lead to notes and clues that will aid in your understanding of the setting in The Last of Us Part II, as well as other useful suggestions.

Vulture’s Joshua Rivera said: “The Last of Us Part II is different from previous tales of mindless retribution in that it is a video game that takes between 25 and 30 hours to complete.

“Over the course of that time, the player’s activities are generally the same: carefully exploring a difficult terrain in order to locate enough supplies to dispatch or slip past a tiny army of infected, cultists, or militia troops.”

However, some critics claim that the game’s harsh and cruel character makes it impossible to play for long periods of time.

Kotaku’s Riley MacLeod said: “My playthrough of The Last of Us 2 was a nightmare to endure. It escalated to the point of being virtually unpleasant throughout the course of my 27 hours with the game.”

Erik Kain, writing on Forbes, stated: “Second, and perhaps more importantly, some reviewers (including those who eventually liked the game) felt the brutality to be so intense that they doubted they would be able to finish it.

“Given that this game is between 25 and 30 hours lengthy, it’s easy to see how that could be an issue.”

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