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How Important It Is To Read NCERT Books While Preparing For IAS?


How Important It Is To Read NCERT Books While Preparing For IAS?: NCERT books hold a prominent place in the bibliography when it comes to picking up the right kind of the study material for the UPSC exam. Well, you might be thinking of getting yourself enrolled in regular classroom of elite IAS coaching in Delhi or a reputed IAS online coaching, but NCERT is a MUST READ!

How Important It Is To Read NCERT Books While Preparing For IAS?


There might very soon be a long list of books in your hand. The coaching institutions that you join would also, of course, provide you with suitable study material. But you should not ignore reading the NCERT books from the 6th to 12th std. And first of all, read them all thoroughly, before proceeding further with your preparation for the UPSC exam.

Why read NCERT books for the UPSC Exam?

You might wonder why you should read NCERT books. After all, they are meant for the school children. And you are preparing for the most competitive UPSC exam. But, making a thorough reading of the NCERT books (followed by the frequent revisions, and of course that will make you read the books again as suitable) offers you several advantages. The prominent ones are described below:

1. Can be comprehended in a little time: Surprisingly, the simple fact that NCERT books are meant for the school children make them a great asset for almost all who think of preparing for the IAS exam. It is so because the reading (and otherwise) content included in the NCERT books is quite simple. Hence, it can be comprehended in a little time. Both the language and the style are simple and easily understood even by the school children. Besides, the graphics, diagrams, images, maps, bar charts etc. – all are designed in a manner that they make sense even to the school kids.

And almost nobody can deny that the ease of comprehension makes the reading interesting to a greater extent. And you are already a graduate. As per UPSC, the candidate appearing for the exam should be a graduate at least. So, when you go through the NCERT books, the interest thus generated because of the simple and clear expression would motivate you to read with a greater keenness.   

Apart from the knowledge thus gained by reading the NCERT books, you will feel like making the revisions also as frequently as required. The interest cultivated by the simplicity in which the NCERT books are written, will thus motivate you to revise as well. And who can deny that revisions are a must if you want to clear the UPSC exam!

2. The information provided is authentic: The information provided by the NCERT books is authentic as the content is the result of a thorough research.  And you need to study from an authentic source only, specifically when you are going to prepare for the UPSC exam. Thus, it will keep your mind relaxed when you are sure that what you are reading is nothing, but the facts. So, when you need not worry about the authenticity of the content, you can simply focus on the reading. And obviously enough, this great feeling is going to add up to your confidence. It will help you face the UPSC exam better.  

3. The NCERT books clear the fundamental concepts: The school students begin to learn everything from scratch. And the NCERT books are basically meant for them. So it is only logical that all the fundamental concepts for various subjects are made clear to them first. So, it implies that reading the NCERT books would clear the basic concepts for all the readers. And those reading these books in order to prepare for the UPSC exam form no exception.

Besides, once the fundamental concepts for a subject are clear, it gets easier and even more interesting an exercise to build upon the knowledge thus gained, to a greater extent as required. And this would definitely help you go farther, motivating you a great deal to prepare for the exam.  

4. Reading NCERT books helps you face the static questions for various papers: Quite a few of the subjects including History and Geography include various concepts and topics that may be termed as static. And reading the NCERT books definitely helps the candidates face the questions based on these topics. For example, a number of the historical events are static and not a subject to change. That already is History.

Various Techniques to Read the NCERT Books

In spite of the various techniques that the UPSC aspirants make use of to prepare for the exam, in the long run, you are going to read the book and gain the knowledge only with a proper perspective. However, the difference in the technique of reading makes a difference as a candidate usually prefers some way of reading to another.

The following techniques are usually used for reading the NCERT books. You may choose the one that suits you better:

1. Making a sequential reading as per the subject: The technique of reading focuses on reading the books from std. 6th to 12th for one of the subjects first. Then the same process is repeated for another subject.

However, it should be noted that the technique is suitable for those candidates who are more focused and are gifted with a better concentration. Studying one of the subjects at length requires unwavering focus. You should not get bored and the concentration should be maintained uniformly in the best possible manner for you are going to face the UPSC exam.

2. Reading as per various std. from 6th to 12th: This is the school education technique that focuses on various subjects simultaneously. So, you read all the subjects first for std. 6th and then repeat the entire process for std. 7th, till std. 12th.

The technique is suitable for those who cannot focus on a specific subject for a very long time. It also makes preparation for the UPSC exam an interesting activity because the candidate gets to study various subjects at the same time. So, there is little scope for boredom to set in.

Finally, it should never be forgotten that you are not going to study as per NCERT syllabus. You are reading the NCERT books in order to prepare successfully for the UPSC exam. So, you are required to read the NCERT books as per the UPSC syllabus.

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