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How Dallas WR CeeDee Lamb’s biggest critic is helping him to stop the drops


In just one entire season and one NFL game this year, CeeDee Lamb has been a gift to the Dallas Cowboys. Coming out of college as one of the most heralded receivers in the game, CeeDee Lamb was a gem that dropped to the Cowboys as the number 17 pick in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

As a freshman at the University of Oklahoma, he caught passes from current Cleveland Browns quarterback and former Heisman Trophy winner Baker Mayfield. He also set several freshman school records during that same year for the Sooners. CeeDee Lamb exited Oklahoma as a Consensus All-American in 2019 and was voted First-Team All Big-12 in the same year.

Dallas has always had big plans for CeeDee Lamb

When the Dallas Cowboys drafted him in the 2020 draft, the plan was simple: pair him up with another stud receiver in Amari Cooper. Cooper played his first three years with the Raiders. Near the start of his fourth year with them in 2018, he was traded to Dallas in early October of that same year.

CeeDee Lamb and Amari Cooper are eerily similar to one another. Lamb stands at 6’2, while Cooper stands at 6’1. They each weighed less than 215 pounds, each having a pension for blowing past defensive backs for deep catches. The drafting of CeeDee Lamb made it evident and apparent to everyone outside of the Cowboys organization that their goal was to first punish teams with their dominant offensive line, followed by taking it to the air with these spectacular wide receivers.

On the opening night of the season for the Cowboys, Lamb had a great game, if speaking from a statistical standpoint. His seven catches for 104 yards and a touchdown looked great when reading the stat sheet at the end of the game. What was not said in that same stat line was that he also had three dropped passes, with one leading to an immediate interception.

A little help from the family

Lamb blamed the drops on a lack of concentration and composure and has promised not to repeat the same mistakes in the future. Someone very close to him also had words for him about his less than stellar catching performance.

CeeDee Lamb on his Week 1 drops: “I was in my own head. … Just continuing to stay positive, stay focused and attack the day.”

Lamb said his brother asked why the ball hit the ground more than it should: “Little brothers are going to keep it as brutally honest as you need it.” https://t.co/ppknE8fzbw

CeeDee Lamb said that his younger brother asked him why the football was hitting the ground more than it should. CeeDee stated that “Little brothers are going to keep it as brutally honest as you need it.” With this advice, CeeDee hopes to erase his bad game and get back to the basics.

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