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How Batwoman and Supergirl Just Barely Finished Their Early Finales



How Batwoman and Supergirl Just Barely Finished Their Early Finales: The CW network’s Batwoman and Supergirl got really lucky and used all resources at their disposal to have their season finale air May 17. Supergirl was one episode shorter than planned and Batwoman two episodes shorter, yet it was barely possible to finish even the new versions of season finales, considering the fact that none of the shows were done shooting yet when the pandemic restrictions forced them to stop working on the set.

Batwoman creators managed to shoot the Alice/Mouse part, which is an important part of the storyline. This was crucial for the story to move forward and for the season finale to be ready. Supergirl creators only shot part of the season finale but they decided to use the footage for episode 19 and not to save it for the next season. The cast and crew had to work from home too. Melissa Benoist said that she recorded her voice in the closet and that they did some parts over Skype. Chyler Leigh, who plays Alex said that the team had to work very creatively to put together episode 19 and it will leave the audience surprised.

How Batwoman and Supergirl Just Barely Finished Their Early Finales

Batwoman and Supergirl are one of the most popular characters of DC comics. Not only in movies but we have seen those comics characters into the gaming industry. Along with video gaming, comics characters adaptation happened in the industry too. In the last few years, the  industry has seen massive growth.

Since the Batwoman got the TV series adapted the character to platforms. Batwoman’s character was adapted to online slot machines and it makes the particular games very unique. On each level, there is a different quest for gamers and it could be different then batwoman’s original storyline.

Creating comics characters based on games makes the industry diverse and acceptable. Comics fans want to see the justice league storyline on live games. The digital  industry will benefit a lot from creating a game plot where all DCs characters are together.

The Flash, Supergirl, and Riverdale all officially delayed as Supernatural confirmed to return next season

The fall schedule of CW is drastically changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The release of the new seasons of Supergirl, Riverdale, and The Flash were rescheduled for 2021. The production of almost all films and tv shows around the world is suspended because of the lockdown and on May 14th CW confirmed that according to the new schedule new seasons will be released January 2021.

All the CW tv shows that usually release new seasons in fall, Flash, Riverdale, and others, will only be released in January next year. Even the new schedule could be a subject to change because of the unpredictable situation the world is currently in.

Black Lightning, Nancy Drew, Legacies, Batwoman, and Charmed will also be released in January 2021. The premieres of new shows including Superman & Lois and Jared Padalecki’s Walker, Texas Ranger series, now titled Walker are rescheduled for the same date. However, Supergirl is not in the list of the tv shows set to be released in January.

The network postponed the release till midseason because the lead actress of the show, Melissa Benoist is pregnant. The same goes for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Dynasty, and Roswell, New Mexico. The fall schedule will be filled with the return of Supernatural. Andrew Dabb the head of Supernatural confirmed that they still need to shoot or complete the post-production of 7 episodes.

The CW hopes that the stars of the show Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles will be able to continue shooting in late summer or early fall. If the new plan does not work then the network will try their best to be as flexible as possible, but they want the 15 years of the show to end the way the creators had hoped. DC’s Swamp Thing and Tell Me a Story will air around the same time as Supernatural.

Supergirl’s Chyler Leigh on the “Critical” Finale Ending

Supergirl Chyler Leigh said that she was surprised to hear the news about episode nineteen being the last one of season five. Especially, because she still had some scenes to film. She was not sure how the team working on the post-production would deal with this challenge but she knew they would do an amazing job. She thinks this might be an opportunity to end the season in a different way than they usually do.

Instead of ending the season with the sensation that everything is ok, this finale will leave the audience with a lot of questions and a lot of uncertainty will be left by ending with episode 19.

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