Home Decor Hinged vs Sliding Wardrobes- What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages

Hinged vs Sliding Wardrobes- What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages


Hinged vs Sliding Wardrobes- What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages

Wardrobes are centrepieces in many bedroom spaces and also serve as storage areas. They help organise a space while enhancing the interior theme of a room. Hinged vs Sliding Wardrobes

However, there are different types of wardrobes. The hinged and sliding options are the most popular and today we’ll find out why.

Hinged Wardrobes

Hinged wardrobes are perhaps the oldest design and feature hinged swinging door panels. The swinging door panels are usually single or double doors.

The single swinging doors are good for small wardrobes while the double doors present a grand entry into big wardrobes.

Another alternative is folding doors that come in single or double options. Hinged wardrobes have numerous advantages and few drawbacks.

The Advantages


Wardrobes take up a large section of wall space in a room. As a result, they have a huge impact on the design and style of a space. Hinged wardrobes come in different styles ranging from Victorian to ultra-modern designs. Moreover, the choice of wood and color can enhance the look of your interior space.

Unique entry:

Swinging doors are satisfying to open and close. Maybe it’s our conditioned reflex or the ease of use but the hinge system has a unique feel. The double door design, in particular, offers a unique majestic entry fitting for large wardrobes.

Extra fittings:

Hinged wardrobes can accommodate several fittings that enhance the appeal of the storage unit and the entire room. The door handles come in different colors and materials. They often serve to either contrast or match to the overall style of the wardrobe. The hinges also have a subtle effect on the general look of the door panels. Unlike other wardrobes, hinged wardrobes can also accommodate coat and hat hangers on the interior door panels as functional fittings.


Hinged wardrobes are divided into different compartments to organize storage items. Each door panel often covers a unique compartment and this makes it easy to keep track of your belongings.

The Disadvantages

Swing space:

Unfortunately, the swinging door on a hinged wardrobe is not good for rooms with limited space. The area covered by the door panel when it opens forms a dead floor space which would otherwise be useful if the door didn’t exist.

Poor stability:

Hinges are moving parts and they accrue a lot of wear and tear. With time the doors on hinged wardrobes misalign and droop. However, the solution is to ensure the use of long-lasting hinges that can take on the weight of the door panels over time.

Sliding Wardrobes

Sliding wardrobes are designed to use tracks to guide a sliding door across the frame. It’s a common design in modern spaces and has unique advantages with some drawbacks.

The Advantages


Sliding wardrobes save a lot of space. Since the door panels do not open into the room, the area around the wardrobe can still serve as useful space. The sliding door design allows small spaces to accommodate large wardrobes without cramming the area.


One fitting that goes well on sliding doors is a mirror. Swinging doors put mirrors at risk of damage but sliding doors ensure the mirror is safely tucked away when the door is open or on full display when it’s closed. The mirror also goes a long way in making an already decluttered space feel bigger.

The Disadvantages

Poor access:

To access a sliding wardrobe, you have to slide the door all the way to one side, covering some of your compartments. Each compartment is not sealed independently thus access is quite poor. Having several sliding doors can improve access but this doesn’t resolve the problem completely.


The track system on a sliding wardrobe is vulnerable to damage through wear and tear. Dirt can also accumulate along the tracks impairing the sliding function. Maintaining a well lubricated, clean track is the ultimate solution for preserving the sliding doors.

The choice between hinged wardrobes and sliding wardrobes boils down to personal preference. They both perform well as storage units and offer unique advantages.

Therefore, if you’re looking to get a wardrobe for your living space, you can’t go wrong with either option. Choose the wardrobe that meets your needs and matches your taste. Ultimately, you’re the judge.

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