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Game Streaming for Beginners: What equipment do you need?


Are you a gamer looking to stream your games live? Live streaming has undergone an explosion in popularity thanks to improvements in technology, with thousands of individuals broadcasting their gameplay to millions of online viewers. While only a few streamers will attract a vast audience, many more will end up with modest audiences. If you’re looking to livestream your gameplay, let’s look at what equipment you’ll need to start off with. 

1) A good quality webcam 

A good quality webcam will help your audience watch what you’re playing and also your reactions to what’s happening in the game. Your reactions could be how you engage with viewers, how you celebrate a victory or throw a fit if you lose. An alternative to using a webcam is using a DSLR instead. Get a plug-and-play capture card that will let you convert your DSLR camera to a superior webcam. If you’re looking to get into casino streaming, you can live stream the latest casino games to viewers using a good-quality webcam or camera.

2) Appropriate lighting

Good lighting around your gaming setup will ensure that your viewers get a professional-looking stream, allowing them to see what’s happening. Consider getting LED light panels that offer a cool to warm color range. You should be able to control the lights from your computer or a mobile phone app. They should be easy to set up, simple to manage, and adjustable with tiltable heads and a pole that allows you to adjust the height. After all, once you start building an audience, they should be able to clearly see what you’re doing. You also need to study how to maintain your winning streak since you’re not likely to keep an audience if you keep losing.

3) A high-quality microphone 

Just good visuals are not enough to attract and retain viewers of your live gameplay. A high-quality microphone is vital to allow you to speak to and engage with your audience while you play the games. It would be best if you went for a high-quality microphone that can focus on your voice, block out any surrounding noise, and sounds excellent. Keep in mind that you can get either a dynamic microphone or a condenser microphone. A dynamic microphone is rugged and can handle loud sounds easily, while a condenser microphone is sensitive and can capture higher-quality sounds. Getting a dynamic microphone is a good idea when it comes to streaming since you are looking to eliminate all sounds apart from your own voice.

4) Game streaming service

Once you’ve got the basic hardware requirements out of the way, it’s time for you to think about how to stream your gameplay and build an audience. You need to sign up with a good game streaming platform. Twitch is definitely the most popular streaming service out there, having the largest potential audience for you to target. However, there are alternatives to consider as well. Some popular ones are YouTube, Facebook Gaming, and Microsoft’s Mixer, to name a few. The recent popularity of game streaming has ensured that all the services have made getting started as simple as possible. Twitch offers a collection of walkthroughs to help you start off; however, the platform is pretty intuitive on its own.

5) A gaming chair

If you do well in building and retaining an audience for your live gameplay, in all probability, you’ll be sitting for hours altogether gaming away to your heart’s content. In this scenario, you need to have a comfortable gaming chair that will allow you to keep on gaming without developing back issues. A good-looking gaming chair will also help your live stream look interesting. Remember, your audience is going to see you, the game, and what you’re sitting on. While you can definitely sit on a stool or a wooden chair, doing so might not be comfortable for extended periods.

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