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Gambling and Signs of Zodiac


Gambling and Signs of Zodiac: Gambling and luck go hand in hand. It is no wonder that gamblers use their Zodiac signs to help predict their luck at the tables. Zodiac signs are part of the astrological chart which is based on Ptolemaic system. There are 12 zodiac signs in total and are based on the month of birth. Each sign has certain specific characteristic of its own.  Thus if you belong to a specific zodiac sign, the chances of your success in a particular game is more. So let us look at the different zodiac signs and what they predict about your success at gambling.

Gambling and Signs of Zodiac

Gambling and Signs of Zodiac



People born under Aries sign are persistent and achieve success as a result. This makes poker, blackjack, sic bo and fantasy sports ideal games for Aries. Aries players can easily overcome the stakes effectively.


Individuals born under Taurus sign do not like noisy environment and big groups.  Thus they do not frequent gambling facilities. But they do like gambling in online sites which give them the privacy they need. They are similar to Aries in having a persistent character and additionally they are strong. Thus Poker, roulette, craps, baccarat and blackjack are ideal for them.


Gemini individuals are impatient and get bored easily. Thus they are prone to switch games frequently. Best games for such people are slots, craps, and roulette, which they can quit at any time.


Cancer people like to take things at a slow pace. This makes poker, blackjack, baccarat, slots, keno poker and roulette, casinoluv good game choices. They are also social birds and hence love live dealer games.


Leo people love to flaunt their best skills and thus poker, video poker, fantasy sports and blackjack are ideal for them


Virgo people are wise and cautious. They do not believe in luck solely. Poker and blackjack are best for such people.


The main characteristic you need in gambling is, understanding when to stop and curb your losses. Libra individuals possess this quality. Thus when they win big money while playing in a game they will leave the game and the casino too. And if they lose they do not borrow. Slots and Roulette are ideal games for these people.


Scorpio people are confident and decisive. They are not afraid to gamble thus lottery, slots and keno are ideal for them. They can deal with the quick changes in the games and wait patiently for a big win.


Sagittarius people play fearlessly and love the land based casinos more. They like to travel and try new games so all casino games are ideal for them.


Capricorn people do not like to gamble away their hard earned money. And when they do gamble they will pick a game that gives the highest profit. Thus blackjack and poker are ideal for them.


Aquarius people like to flout the rules, but they are quite successful in casino games. The best games for such people are slots and roulette.


Pisces people are calm and collected. They are not easily influenced by emotions. Thus live poker is ideal for them.

While zodiac signs are interesting to refer to they do not decide the success or failure of a gambler. The only way to increase your chances of winning is by picking the games that have low house edge and also to use a good winning strategy.

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