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Festivals in India – List of Festivals & Events in India

India is a country of festivals. People of different religions and caste sects reside in our country. Festivals of India highlight the greatness of its culture. Today man is very busy. Spending time to earn a living is his helplessness. In this run, he forgets that he is a human being, not a machine. He needs rest, entertainment, and change. In such a situation, new festivals prove to be a boon for him. Festivals bring pleasant changes in life and bring new consciousness and energy to them.

Festivals in India – List of Festivals & Events in India

Festivals in India
Festivals in India

With the advancement of science, humans have reached the moon. The festivals add to his intellectual development as well as his emotional development. Festivals of India are helpful in developing moral qualities like compassion, kindness, hospitality, mutual love, and goodwill and benevolence.

Celebrating the festival together by different castes, languages, provinces, and different sects revive feelings of mutual harmony and affection. Our festivals are mostly celebrated according to the seasonal cycle. All the festivals provide the masses with happiness, gaiety, and enthusiasm.

The festival of ‘Raksha Bandhan’ deepens the relationship between the siblings and the brother promises to protect the sister throughout her life.

Vijayadashami symbolizes good over evil. In ‘Deepawali’, with the lamps, new light is awakened in our life too. Eid, Muharram of Muslim brothers, Baisakhi of Sikhs, Lohri, Christmas of Christians all bring newness and happiness in the society. He removes the dullness of human life and motivates people to perform charity like Dakshina etc.

National festivals like Independence Day, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti, etc. are celebrated all over the country on the same day every year, which awakens the spirit of national love and also strengthens mutual unity. These festivals are the pride of our Indian culture. Our festivals are our identity. Therefore, we should celebrate these together with purity and gentleness.

8 Most Important and Must-Visit Festivals in India

These are the most popular and important festivals in India:-

  1.    Diwali – 14th November (Saturday)
  2.    Makar Sankranti – 15th January (Wednesday)
  3.    Holi – 10th March ( Tuesday)
  4.    Ganeshotsav – 22nd August (Saturday)
  5.    Navratri and Mahalaya – 17th to 25th October  (Monday)
  6.   Lohri – 13th January (Monday)
  7.   Pongal – 15th January to 18th January (Wednesday)
  8.   Janmashtami – 12th August (Wednesday)
 Month Date Festival Day
January 10th January to 11th January Hampi Festival Friday
January 13th January Lohri Monday
January 15th January Makar Sakranti Wednesday
January Begins on 15th January and ends on 18th January Pongal Wednesday
January Begins on 15th January and ends on 21 February Kumbh Mela Wednesday
January 26th January Republic Day Sunday
January 29th January Basant Panchami Wednesday
February 21st February Maha Shivratri Friday
February Begins on 22nd February and ends on 25th February Carnival in Goa Saturday
February Begins on 24th February and ends on 26th February Losar Monday
March Begins on 9th March and ends on 10th March Holi Monday and Tuesday
March Begins on 25th March and ends on 2nd April Vasant Chaitra Navaratri Wednesday
March 25th March Ugadi Wednesday
March 25th March Gudi Padwa Wednesday
March Begins on 27th March and ends on 29th March Mewar Friday
April 6th April Mahavir Jayanti Monday
April 12th April Easter Sunday
April 13th April Baisakhi Monday
April Begins on 14th April and ends on 20th April Bihu Tuesday
May 3rd May Thrissur Pooram Sunday
May 7th May Buddha Jayanti Thursday
May 23rd May Eid Ul Fitr Saturday
June 23rd June Ratha Yatra Orissa Tuesday
June 30th June Hemis Tuesday
July 23rd July Teej Festival Thursday
August 3rd August Rakshabandhan Monday
August 12th August Janmashtmi Wednesday
August 15th August Independence Day Saturday
August Begins on 22nd August and ends on 2nd September Onam Saturday
August 22nd August Ganesh Chaturthi Saturday
October Begins on 17th October and ends on 25th October Navratri Monday
October Begins on 22nd October and ends on 26th October Durga Puja Monday
October 25th October Dussehra Sunday
November 15th November Govardhan Puja Sunday
November Begins on 22nd November and ends on 30th October Camel Festival Sunday
November 25th November Chhath Puja Friday
November 27th November Diwali Saturday
November 30th November Gurupurab Monday
December Begins on 1st December and ends on 10th December Hornbill Festival Tuesday
December 25th December Christmas Friday

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