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Different sites for instagram story viewer 


instagram story viewer 

Have you ever use a site which allows you to view other people stories? Do you wonder how the stalkers view other instagram account?  There is a secret behind the stories view. Do you know that you can view other peoples story without letting them know. There are many sites which are providing instagram story view service. 

If you want to try them out then first you should know that whom you going to see the instagram story. If you start searching online about different way to see then you might get confused. To get all things sort out, here are some of the sites are mentioned about instagram story viewer. Not only the stories but know you can get access of the others account. 

 Well it can be free site or might cost. in order to know that how they work and what are their services then you have to read all the detailed information about them which are discussed below. So, without wasting any time let’s get some info. 


This website is all about viewing instagram story. But their services are quite different. Now you can download the story by using this website. Isn’t it amazing that you can now download the story again after viewing it once? Moreover, you don’t have to deal with any kind of account registration. So, to get the private and reliable story viewer, you can select this website for free. They don’t ask for subscription or account formation. All you have to do is visit the site online and you use it.

Story insta

Another site here! Another approach to watch insta story privately! It is simple and not complicated to use.  This is same like the other website interface but the services can differ from other.  These website allow some cookies to accept. These cookies are just to maintain the person identity. It allows the remote working and facilitated guides as well. 


How about downloading the instadp along viewing the story? It’s like 2 in 1 option. This website is at the top of list because they provide the insta profile DP downloading and you can view the stories as well. Here you have the idea about the user account activity and the post they are uploading. All the things are in your hand. To get the access through this site, you have to browse it up and then further you can use their services and functions. 

Story saver for instagram

This is the app which you can download it through website and view the stories. If you want to save then you can save it in your phone after downloading.  It does require some of the account details and then without leaving any trace the story is viewed. The sole mission is been completed. 


This article explains some of the authentic website for instagram story viewer. It is becoming so common to use sites if you want to view the stories. No matter it is any post or story, video or anything, you can download and view by using the websites. 

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