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Cricket for Good: Today, team sports are big business. Players and coaches are paid astronomical amounts of money, and sponsors and advertisers make millions. It’s not always easy to remember the values on which team sports have traditionally been based. Team spirit, good sportsmanship, and helping those less fortunate than oneself tend to take a backseat in favor of making big bucks.

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In order to ensure that cricket continues to be a force for good, the International Cricket Council (ICC) runs a community outreach program called “Cricket for Good.” The organization works with UNICEF to address challenges facing families around the world.

Cricket for Good and UNICEF focus on tackling some of the challenges for access to clean water, adequate food, education, and healthcare. They’re also concerned with protecting children from abuse from within their families or from outside. Finally, the partnership aims to empower young people by providing them with essential life skills they’ll need to succeed in the future.

One of the initiatives undertaken in 2016 in India was to improve sanitation and issues relating to the use of toilets. About a third of India’s population lack access to sanitary facilities, and poor sanitation is one of the biggest causes of death in children.


Before and during the ICC World T20 in India, cricketers from the participating teams volunteered at special clinics. At these clinics, disadvantaged children got to meet famous cricketers from their own areas at the same time as learning about hygiene. The cricketers not only played cricket with the children but also helped get the hygiene and sanitation messages across.

Funds raised at ICC tournaments and championships in the UK will be used to help children in need. Funds raised by the ICC and the Australian government are used for various development programs. Many of these programs center around health and gender equality.

ChildFund is an independent, international development organization that works on reducing poverty. Cricket for Good and ChildFund Australia run programs together to raise awareness of important issues and contribute to social development.

Cricket for Good is a perfect example of a responsible sports community recognizing the importance of making the world a better place for everyone to live in!

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