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Best TVs for Movie Lovers 2022 [Know Everything]


Best TVs for Movie Lovers 2022: This year, a wide variety of new 4K TVs from manufacturers like LG, Samsung, Hisense, and more have been unveiled. These wonderful new screens have incredible new visuals that are crisper and more vivid than before.

We’ve never been more thrilled for the future of the home theater thanks to QD OLED TVs, OLED Evo TVs, and even 8K TVs that are making their way into international markets and are sure to be mind-blowing. Therefore, whether you’re looking for the greatest 32-inch smart TV or something with a little more space, you’ve come to the correct place.

If, like us, you prefer spending a chill evening in front of the TV watching your favorite films (be it The Godfather or Lord of the Rings), but you continue to use an admittedly obsolete 1080p LED TV, it may be time to invest in a new setup to unify the space.

What makes 1080p and 4K different from one another?

Best TVs for Movie Lovers 2022

Since they have been available for more than ten years, 4K TV screens have become commonplace in many homes all over the world. Why is it necessary that 4K TV screens have four times as many pixels as a 1080p screen, though?

The sharper the image, the higher the pixel density. With some 4K TV models having over one billion different shades of color, visuals on a 4K screen are significantly more detailed and have a wider variety of colors, so your movies will never look better.

Describe OLED

OLEDs, or Organic Light Emitting Diodes, may produce images without the use of a lighting panel placed behind the screen. Because there is no delay between the light and the diode contacting each other, refresh rates are extremely fast and the TV as a whole can be significantly thinner.

What 4K movies have the finest visuals?

The Revenant’s 4K transfer is really gorgeous and a fantastic way to break in your new TV, so we can’t recommend it enough.

Seven Worlds One Planet, a collection of David Attenborough’s documentaries from over the years in native 4K, is a must-see for animal lovers. It looks incredible in 4K, and it’s quite breathtaking.


One of the best OLED TVs this year, LG’s OLED C1 will amaze you when you watch your favorite movies since it is flawlessly sharp and vivid.

It is loaded with smart features like Alexa and Google Voice and offers full access to streaming services and apps like YouTube, Spotify, and others, just like LG’s smart TVs.

OLED technology is a more recent innovation that is getting more and more affordable. It has amazing refresh rates so you won’t experience any syncing problems while watching 4K Blu-rays in all their splendour.

The C1, however, stands out for its incredibly thin screen and small bezels, which are made possible by amazing OLED technology.


Although it is inexpensive and cheery, the value of this 43″ Samsung TV cannot be questioned. A 4K screen that is highly reliable, a sizeable screen, and all the benefits of Samsung’s great UI.

Instead of fancy bells and whistles, you get a very strong screen that will absolutely astound you.

Additionally, if you want to go a little bigger, there are other sizes available, going up to 85.”

Samsung 55 Inch S95B QD OLED 4K HDR Smart TV

No list of the “Top TVs for Movie Lovers” is complete without mentioning the current leader, the Samsung S95B, which has completely destroyed the competition this year.

In order to create the television of the future, Samsung has coupled the astounding detail and brightness of Quantum Dot technology with the outstanding color gamut and quick refresh rates of OLED.

The S95B provides the best cinematic experience money can buy and is unsurpassed in terms of quality and power. Your movies will practically pop off the screen because to this complete knockout. We cannot emphasize enough how highly we suggest Samsung’s S95B if money is no object.

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