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Best Time Management Apps for Students


Time management is a vital skill for students, especially those in the university, as they are drowned in tons and tons of assignments. However, it is indispensable to understand that time management is not just about maintaining a good study schedule. It is also a means to ensure that you leave yourself with adequate time to take care of your mental health and still find some time to have some fun by the end of it all. If you are finding it hard to do it all, we have the perfect solution for you. There are a few time management apps that you can consider. However, always remember the best and the most effective way to manage your time is by examining your habits and bringing about a change. So, let us get started and address some time management apps that can really make a difference in your life. 

Homework Student Planner

The reference to the homework in the app’s name might instantly make you feel that it is an app for the school students, but the fact of the matter is that it is a suitable app for students from all levels – be it university or high school. So, in this app, the students will find a calendar wherein you can keep a tab on your upcoming projects, assignments, exams, and other vital events. So, you can list down all the assignments with their deadlines. The app also has an in-built homework widget, wherein you can sync all the assignments and get reminders for when your assignments are due. This is necessary to ensure that you are never caught off guard and all your assignments are finished in time. There is still an assignment that cannot be included in your schedule for any reason; you can use reliable homework platforms like EduWorldUSA to help you with them. 

You can use the basic with-ad version of the app for free. However, if you like it ad-free, you will have to bear a small fee of 4.99 USD per year. 

Rescue Time

Another one of the best time management apps is Rescue Time. In this app, the students can keep a record of how they spend their time online. It is a productivity-boosting app that keeps a tab on all the things you do in a day. So, it will keep an account of the time you spend on social media apps and other distracting websites, which can have a negative impact on your productivity. See, the logic is simple, if you use your time right doing the right things, you will 100% save time at the end of the day to spend time doing other leisurely things. However, if you do leisurely stuff in the middle of the work, you will see a significant drop in your productivity levels. So, the app will prepare a report of how you spend your time online to help you keep a check on your habit. It runs in the background and tracks all your activities. 

When you view the report, you can review your activities. So, if, for instance, you spent two hours of your time scrolling Instagram, you know you wasted time. The app lets you classify the activities from very distracting to very productive. There is also a provision to set goals for yourself to keep a tab on your daily progress. In the app’s free version, you can track time spent on different websites and applications, and in the premium version, you can even block your access to all the distracting activities when you sit down for work. 

If, despite using the Rescue Time app, you fail to find adequate time for your assignments because of short deadlines or because of being overworked, there are platforms like TopAssignmentExperts that can come to your rescue. 

Remember the Milk

This is one of the best to-do list applications on the internet. On this app, you can prepare a list of all the things you aspire to achieve throughout the day. You can even organize the list according to the different heads of your life – personal time, work hours, study hours, etc. There is an option to break down the various tasks by the week or day in Remember the Milk app. If there are any recurring tasks, you can list them under the apt head. There is also an option of setting reminders. At times, you may have prior commitments, and you may not be able to do it all by yourself. So, services like ThanksForTheHelp can help you cater to your urgent homework deliveries. Overall, it is a fantastic app that can help the students become more organized and achieve more in their time. The basic version of the app comes free, but if you need more features, you can upgrade to the premium version at only 39.99 USD per year.

So, these are the three best time management applications, which can make a significant difference in the students’ lives. Have more such app suggestions? Then, do share with us in the comment sections below.

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