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Benjamin Britten 50p Coin: How Much Is It Worth?


Benjamin Britten 50p coin: The coin’s design was created to honor British musician Benjamin Britten’s 100th birthday, and there’s a homage to him and his music on the coin itself. Because he was born in 1913, the coin was released in 2013 to commemorate his 100th birthday.

This is mentioned on the reverse side of the 50p, but there are also words of poetry and Britten’s name, all set against the backdrop of what appears to be sheet music. If you’re not a big fan of music or a coin collector, you might not have heard of the coin. We’re  going to tell you how much it’s worth. Follow more update on chopnews media

What Is The Value Of A Benjamin Britten 50p Coin?

Benjamin Britten 50p Coin

There are only 5,300,000 Benjamin Britten 50p coins in existence.

In comparison, roughly 200 million normal 50ps are in circulation, therefore these are the ones you’re more likely to find in your change, coined in 2008 with a design of the Royal Shield’s bottom. But, because that’s a lot of change, Change Checker’s newest scarcity index update provides a good indication of where this particular 50p stands among the multitudes.

It only has a score of one, although it is ranked 55th on the list. The scarcity index assigns a number between 1 and 100 to each coin, indicating how difficult it is to locate them as well as how popular they are.

The greater the number, the rarer the coin, and thus the more precious it is. Despite its widespread use, Change Checker placed it seventh among the top ten coins sought by collectors.

Sudden attention can lead to a jump in values on sites like eBay, and after some ardent sellers made a profit of around £800 on eBay about six years ago, the coin has become one that aficionados want to buy.

What Is The value of a Benjamin Britten 50p?

Some bidders offered as much as £800 for the coin in the past, according to Change Checker, but the hype was short-lived.

However, one recent eBay sale stated that a circulating copy of the coin sold for an equally astronomical £500. Experts, however, are wary of this advertisement because it only had one bidder, implying that demand was low.

The most we’ve seen the coin go for on eBay is £66 – and that’s for a sealed copy with a Royal Mint card, ensuring that enthusiasts knew it was in good condition.

If you wish to sell a replica of the currency on your own, you might consider having it formally confirmed by the change experts to add value to the transaction. However, while purchasing and selling on eBay, you must consider all of the hidden fees, such as sellers fees and delivery, to mention a few. As a result, you may only make as much as the face value of the coin.

If you want a good brilliant uncirculated edition of the coin for your collection, you may expect to pay up to £10 for an official version, according to Change Checker.

Are there any valuable coins in my change?

Along with the Benjamin Britten design, there are a slew of additional commemorative coins available.

Many are sought after by collectors since they are produced in smaller quantities than ordinary 50ps.

The Kew Gardens 50p is one of the most popular coins to collect, and it may fetch over £300 in some situations due to its scarcity.

There’s also a collection with 29 different designs of each of the Olympic sports from 2012, and each of these will routinely sell for more than face value – up to £570 in certain cases.

Coins with flaws frequently attract a lot of attention.

A coin, on the other hand, will only sell for more than its face value if someone is ready to offer that much.

Because interest ebbs and flows, there’s no assurance you’ll make money by buying and selling one.

However, by looking at comparable eBay listings, you may estimate how much your own change might sell for – though be aware that fakes are common on the site.

You should also keep in mind that on eBay, a buyer may back out, meaning the coin will not have sold for the stated price.

If you’re concerned or want a solid answer on the value of your change, you can consult experts like Coin Hunter or The Royal Mint.

They’ll be able to inform you if your change is worth the same as or more than what others are saying.

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