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Anoop Maurya is Newspaper Head and Chief Content writer at chopnews. He is always motivated and passionate for his work and always try to give his best. He always try to learn new things. He is focused to his target and always Dream big to achieve a lot. He always motivate other to Dream Big and achieve Big and Be a Role Model for Every one.

Who Is AleXsandro Palombo? Cardi B & AleXsandro Controversy

Rarely would a day pass on social media without someone posting controversial news. These incidents are still a topic of widespread discussion among all,...

Colin O’Dwyer Death Cause: How Did He Die?

It's hard to believe that Colin O’ Dwyer, aged 21, has died. On 22 November 2022, he took his final breath. After his sudden death, tributes...

Yaseen Johnson Shot Dead: High School Student Killed

Yaseen Johnson Shot Dead: A teenager was killed in an altercation over high-end Balenciaga trainers. A 19-year-old man shot a Minnesota high school student. This news was...

Dr. O’dell Owens Death Cause: Know How Did He Die?

Dr. O'dell Owens, an African-American doctor who died at 74 years old, was a tragic figure in American medicine. What was Dr. O'dell Owens...

Frank Watson Dead: How Did He Die?

Frank Watson Dead: Frank Watson, an American LGBTQIA party promoter and well-known figure, died suddenly on Saturday, November 19, 2022. The entire community has been...

Who Is Rebecca Louise Press? Why She Is In News?

Officials discovered the body of a New Tredegar welshman last month. Richard Marc Ash, 57 years old, was identified as the deceased man. Rebecca Louise...