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Amit Gola is Newspaper Head and Photographer. He is always motivated and passionate for his work and always try to give his best. He always try to learn new things.


tanjiro kamado

Who is Tanjiro Kamado From Manga Series?

Tanjiro Kamado: Tanjiro has a few special skills and can be helpful in a number of situations. You might be wondering how to use...
animes who look like girl

7 Anime Characters Who Look Like A Girl Revealed

7 Anime Characters With Female Appearances: As you are all aware, anime has become an integral part of our lives. We went two days...
Rabbit Pokémon

8 Rabbit Pokémon: The Complete List

Rabbit Pokémon: Pokémon, short for Pocket Monsters, is a 1995 Japanese video game brand created by Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori. It's a fantasy series...
luffy learn haki

When Does Luffy Learn Haki?

When did Luffy start learning Haki? In One Piece, haki is a concept that is analogous to channeling one's spiritual energy. This is the equivalent of...
ova meaning anime

What Does Mean By OVA in Anime?

OVA meaning: Anime is an excellent method to pass the time in your spare time. If you're new to anime, you've probably come across...