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Atlanta Healthcare Beta-350 Air Purifier Review


Atlanta Healthcare Beta-350 Air Purifier Review: Are you planning to buy air purifier for office or home use. If you really do then I must say you are on the right place. Atlanta Healthcare is one of the best and premium quality air purifier available in the market right now. I’m using this air purifier in my office from last 3 months and I just love it. So here are things which I like, dislike and worth to mention about Atlanta Healthcare Beta-350 Air Purifier.Atlanta Healthcare Beta-350 Air Purifier Review

Atlanta Healthcare Beta-350 Air Purifier Review

After 3 months of use its safe to say that the product performs. Odours and dust cleared. Its silent at its lowest speed setting but may require running at higher speeds at more polluted locations and it will be definitely audible. Pollution level indicator shows 3 colors: green, yellow and red. Starts at yellow and drops to green on use.Atlanta Healthcare Beta-350 Air Purifier

Installation was easy and straightforward although it appears that the manual may have been for an earlier version, there were some small differences, e.g. how the pre-filter was held in. However, everything was straight-forward and easy to set up.

Unit is very quiet, we left them running on the fastest setting all of the time, the sound was minimal compared to the outside noises, and didn’t affect sleep at all.Atlanta Healthcare Beta-350 Air Purifier

Air quality sensor. The sensor display on the front appears to reset and start again if the unit has been turned off. If the air quality had degraded where it was showing red on one unit, at least one of the other units would also be at least at the yellow stage. So the units’ sensors do appear to move together as air quality shifts. My sense is that the unit in the largest room was most likely to be at the “worst” air quality reading, which makes sense since it was trying to deal with the largest volume of air.Atlanta Healthcare Beta-350 Air Purifier


  • Portable, has timer and sleep mode
  • Light-Tight & compact
  • Easy to operate plug-and-operate technology
  • Multiple filters and filters to purify different sizes of debris off the air unlike any other purifier available in the market.
  • A not so ubiquitous remote control feature


  • Very Expensive.
  • Design is average.
  • Customer support is very bad

My Final Words:

Beta 350 is a very nice air purifier in this range. I turned out to be much better than expected! I never feel stuffy in the room when it is on and the air feels fresh even if I haven’t opened the windows for a long time. If you really planning to buy air purifier under Rs. 12,000 then simple go for it, you surely going to love it. It’s a very nice product, super silent.


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