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Apps you need if you love to play games


The gaming industry is a huge market, and there is an endless amount of games and apps on the market that people can use to enhance their performance. Nowadays, there are several apps that are extremely useful for people who love to game. Whether you are playing the latest FPS shooter game or online slots UK, there are apps that can improve your overall experience while you game.


Starting off this list is the widely popular game marketplace, Steam. Steam is a must for those that love to game on a PC. It has a huge range of games from just about every genre you could think of. All of the games purchased through the Steam app will be stored on Steam and easily accessible in one place. There are free-to-play games from indie companies all the way to triple-A releases. 

The best part about Steam is that it is entirely free to download and use. You can download it and play games without spending anything. You can also add your friends on Steam and see all of the games they are interested in, as well as message them if you fancy playing a multiplayer game.


If you want to play games with friends and communicate with each other, then Discord is a must. It is the go-to app for gamers playing with other gamers. As well as being a fantastic place for people to talk to one another, it is also great for finding people interested in the same things you are. You can join public servers that are dedicated to all types of things, such as certain games or people with similar interests. 

You can also create private servers with your friends who can chat via text and send messages as well as join voice channels when you are gaming with each other. There are a lot of fun features with Discord, such as the ability to share your screen with others on the server if you want to show something to your friends. You can also give each member of a server a specific role and make yourself the leader. Discord is the best way to communicate with your friends for your intense gaming session and has replaced older communication apps such as TeamSpeak and Skype. 

Another benefit of Discord is the ability to download the app onto mobile devices. This means you can make sure that you are never missing out on the action when you are away from your computer. You can join voice channels using your phone and let your friends and teammates know when you will be home to join in the gaming session.


Bluestacks is a great app for those who want to play android games and apps on their PC. Bluestacks is an emulator that allows you to play all your favorite android games on the big screen in the comfort of your home. No longer will you have to stick to a tiny mobile screen while playing your favorite android games. You can share the gaming experience with friends on a large computer screen. Bluestacks has been optimized so that the conversion of an android game to a PC offers a superior experience for gamers.

OBS Studio

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Whether you have ambitions of becoming the next big streamer playing your favorite game or just want some software to record funny gaming moments with friends, OBS Studio is a great option for all of this. You can record your screen as well as any audio while you game so that your most memorable moments are captured. 

OBS Studio allows you to differentiate between audio channels, which means you can record your own voice while you game and mute your teammates or the other way around. The flexibility of this app makes it extremely useful to tailor your streaming and recording of your gameplay to your liking. The interface is very intuitive, which means that it doesn’t take a lot of time to understand how everything works. This means that you can set everything up pretty quickly and continue gaming with all of your friends.


For those looking for an app that allows you to stare at your screen for long periods of time without damaging your eyes, F.lux is a must. This app works by altering the brightness of a monitor to reduce the strain on your eyes. It helps to adjust the brightness of a monitor during the day versus the night so that your eyes aren’t straining with a strong light when it is dark.

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