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All you need to know about different types of gold jewellery


Last updated on November 23rd, 2022 at 04:01 pm

Gold jewellery shopping might look easy on the surface, but when you actually end up shopping, more often than not, you find yourself lost in the jargon of the gold jewellery world. What is the difference between gold filled and gold vermeil jewellery? How are they different from gold plated or solid gold jewellery? And why is one piece so much more expensive than another similar looking piece? These are some questions that one often finds themselves facing and feeling stuck in.

All you need to know about different types of gold jewellery

We have been in your place too and through a little bit of research and learning are now in a place to answer the above pressing questions. Combining our knowledge about the different types of gold jewellery and our quest for adding value to our readers, we have put together this little guide that contains everything you need to know about the different types of gold jewellery available in the market. 

  • Solid gold jewellery – pure solid gold is often considered too soft to be used in jewellery making for which reason it is often alloyed with other metals to make it harder. The higher the carat of the gold used in the jewellery, the higher is the gold content in the metal. The purity range for this varies from 22ct gold which is the highest to 9ct gold which is considered to be the lowest. If you are planning on buying solid gold jewellery check the Indian gold rate today before proceeding with the purchase. 
  • Gold-filled jewellery – a less expensive version of solid gold is the gold-filled jewellery. In this gold-filled metal is made by the process of applying a layer of gold over another base metal which is done rolled under extremely high pressure until it is bonded. For it to quality as a piece of ‘gold-filled’ jewellery, the gold content cannot be less than 1/20th the weight of the total metal content. Gold-filled jewellery makes for the best jewellery gifts for someone special in your life or for yourself!
  • Gold plated jewellery – this type of jewellery is said to contain the least amount of gold. Gold plated jewellery is created by putting a thin layer of gold which is usually between 0.175 to 2.5 microns thick on top of a base metal using different methods. 
  • Gold vermeil jewellery – this type of jewellery is made with pure or sterling silver which is then heavily plated with gold. This is a great alternative to solid gold jewellery for ones who are on a budget and are looking for someone that looks like gold but is not as expensive as solid gold jewellery is. Due to the nature of this kind of jewellery, it requires the least purity of gold for it to be made. 
  • Gilded gold jewellery – this type of jewellery usually consists of sterling silver over which gold foil is put through the process of heating. This tends to provide a beautiful and rich gold coloured finish over silver jewellery. It stays well and looks very good when worn despite it being on the lower price side and probably containing the least amount of gold out of all the other gold jewellery options listed above. 

We hope after reading the above you are able to answer the different questions related to different types of gold jewellery that were looming in your head. We hope that you are able to apply this knowledge the next time you step out to treat yourself with some gold jewellery and can also help others learn in the process.

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