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A Guide to Delhi Jal Board and How to Pay Your Water Bill


The Delhi Jal Board (DJB) is the primary water supply and wastewater management authority for the National Capital Territory of Delhi. DJB is responsible for the production, storage, and distribution of potable water in Delhi. The DJB also manages the wastewater system in the city, which includes the collection, treatment, and disposal of sewage. 

If you are a resident of Delhi, your water bill is generated by Delhi Jal Board, and consequently, you are required to remit the bill to the board. Given that there is a surge of online payment platforms, you can now make your water bill payment at your convenience using online payment options.

How to Pay the Delhi Jal Board Water Bill?

Delhi Jal Board provides an online platform to pay your water bills quickly and easily. To make a payment, visit the DJB website and select the ‘Bill Payment’ option. Enter your K.No, a unique identification number given to your water connection, and choose your payment method. You can pay through debit/credit card, UPI, or Internet banking. You can also make online payments for your water bill using the DJB app, which can be downloaded from PlayStore or AppStore. 

How to Make the Delhi Jal Board Water Bill Payment Using MobiKwik?

Here are the steps to make an online payment of a water bill through Mobikwik:

  • Log in to your Mobikwik account.
  • From the home screen, select ‘Recharge and Bill Payment.’
  • Select ‘Water’ from the options provided.
  • Choose ‘Delhi Jal Board’ as your water provider.
  • Enter your K.No and click on ‘Get Bill.’
  • Review the details 
  • Select your payment method
  • Enter the required payment information and tap on ‘Pay Now.’
  • Your payment will reflect in your DJB account shortly after processing.
  • Mobikwik offers discounts and a user-friendly interface for quick and secure payments from home.

How to Save on Water Bills?

High water bills can also strain your monthly budget. Let us explore ways to reduce your water bill expenses.

Fix leaks: Leaks in your home’s plumbing system can lead to significant water wastage. Even a few drips can add up to a substantial amount of water over time. Therefore, repairing any leaks in your home as soon as you notice them is essential.

Install low-flow fixtures: Installing low-flow fixtures, such as showerheads, faucets, etc., can significantly reduce water consumption. The low-flow fixtures consume less water as compared to conventional ones, but they still deliver similar performance. 

Water your lawn and garden wisely: Wisely watering your lawn or garden is crucial if you have one. To prevent evaporation, water your plants early in the morning or late in the evening. Use a nozzle-equipped watering can or hose to avoid water wastage. Collecting rainwater in a rain barrel is another way to water your plants.

Use appliances efficiently: Households consume significant water through dishwashers and washing machines. Thus, it is crucial to use these appliances efficiently. Optimise water usage by running them only when full and using the appropriate load size and cycle settings.

Reuse water: Reusing water is an excellent way to conserve water and reduce water bills. For example, you can collect water from your washing machine to water your plants or flush your toilet. You can also collect water from your dehumidifier and use it to water your plants.

Before you make your  Delhi Jal Board water bill payment, it is best recommended to check the tariffs. And for paying the water bill, you can use any mode of online payment. Using an app like MobiKwik will not only make the process easy and quick but will also earn you great returns in the form of cashback, discounts and coupons. 

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