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7 Major Kinds Of Injuries You Can Suffer Post A Slip And Fall Accident


Today, the incidents of slip and fall accidents have increased a lot in Los Angeles. There are some of the primary reasons behind it that we often ignore from our end. You need to stay careful in the workplace as chances of Injuries slip and fall accidents are more there.

These slip and fall accidents may have a long-term impact on your life later on if you are not careful from your end. You have to stay vigilant and cautious while working in a factory or office to handle heavy machinery.

Major Kinds Of Injuries You Can Suffer From Post Slip & Fall Accidents

Several kinds of injuries that you may have to undergo in case of the slop and fall accident. Ensure that you have taken the proper precaution while you are suffering from the same.

1. Broken Bones

Broken bones are significant injuries of slip & fall injuries prevalent when working in a factory with heavy machinery. The Los Angeles slip and fall lawyer can help you get the claim amount you require to treat the broken bones in the workplace. They have the expertise to handle such cases. Hip, wrist, and ankle fractures are some common forms of broken bone injuries.

2. Soft Tissue Injuries

You cannot feel the soft tissue injuries immediately. They take some time to respond when you can feel the pain in your body. You can feel the pain after a week, days, or in some cases even months from the date of the fall. Soft tissue injuries may result in a sprain in the ankles, wrist, and sometimes it can also damage the tendons and the ligaments of your body.

3. Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries occur when a person hits the head on the ground or falls on a hard surface. It can range from minor to significant kinds of injuries in your head. It can range from hematomas, skull fractures, minor concussions, bruises, and bumps. If the severity of the collision is more, then chances are there to cause severe brain damage.

4. Hip Fractures

As per record, 95% of the falls have resulted in broken hips. Fractures in the hips require some painful surgery and hospitalization for about a week or so. Implantation of the artificial hips can also occur because the damage is more deadly to slip and fall accidents. You need to consider these facts early.

5. Sprain Ankles & Wrist

A slip and fall accident can occur and make unusual steps due to the sprain in the ankles and wrist. Slip and fall accidents can cause heavy damage to the ligaments of your wrist and ankles and sometimes even tear in the ankles. You have to be very careful and avoid these kinds of severe accidents in your body.

6. Cuts & Abrasions

Slip and fall accidents can cause severe cuts and abrasions. It can be pretty painful if you are not concerned about it early. Arm and leg abrasions are the significant kinds of injuries that can take place in your hips. In most cases, these injuries require stitches and superficial treatments while you handle these kinds of slip and fall injuries.

7. Back & Spinal Cord Injuries

The fall and slip accidents can cause the fracture of the vertebrae or can damage the herniated discs. It can cause severe damage to your spinal cord and back if you are not careful in the workplace. The injury in the spinal cord can lead to temporary or permanent paralysis in your body. You need to be a bit cautious to avoid slip and fall accidents.


Hence, we have understood how slip and fall accidents can cause severe damage to our bodies from the discussion above. You must be careful if you face slip and fall accidents. Try to contact the doctor as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your body parts.

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