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7 Common Problems Of Watching Movies On Online Streaming Platforms


Watching Movies

There was a time when we used to get CDs and DVDs from our local shop and have movie nights!

It definitely brings nostalgia to our warm hearts, but that is not something we would want every day.

Mostly because it will be too much work, plus now we have on-demand services!

We can also avail so much content all at once, and there is no geographical border restricting us.

However, if you ask us, we would always suggest that you download the content and then watch it at your own time freely.

Why? You ask?

Well, we did not just throw that suggestion towards you without thinking much. Rather, we elaborate on why you would not need these services and are better off downloading the content for free.

Yes, you read it right. You can download every content you desire for free; just click https://ipiratebay.org/.

Problems With Streaming Platforms

Are you still paying half of your salaries on those expensive streaming services which literally give you so much trouble?

Or, are you still throwing a blind eye on these problems? Well, let us remind you again.

1. The Money Factor!

Is it just us, or do you feel like you are broke every month once you pay for those streaming services? You also have to download more than one because a streaming service will never suffice.

Some of these streaming services are very overrated, plus their subscription price is higher than the normal convenient rate.

2. Multiple Streaming

We would have still forgiven the high price if more than one streaming was allowed.

But, no!

You have to pay more in order to ensure that everyone in the family can stream it at the same time.

Don’t you absolutely hate it when you are about to start your series after a hectic day, and you get that notification that someone else is already streaming? This is one of the reasons why you absolutely need the pirate bay.

3. Downloading Time

Can we talk about how you always need a high-quality internet connection and wifi for you to download anything from these streaming services?

Do you only have your cellular connection? Good luck trying to download anything, even in 480p from these services.

It is beyond annoying the time it takes for it to download even one episode. Let’s say you wish to continue watching while you board the flight tomorrow, and in the morning, you realize it has managed to download one episode.

2-hour flight boredom> 1 45min episode.

4. Lack Of Content

The lack of content is not worth all the money you are draining behind these services. There are so many series and movies you wouldn’t find in any of the five streaming services you have on your computer right now.

So, what are you going to do?

Get another streaming service and pay a few more dollars or simply download it for free!

5. Country Restrictions

Country restrictions are another problem that we will face more often than not when it comes to these streaming services.

With the pirate bay, you can download any content from around the world. There is no country boundary, and they are not trying to drill a hole through your pocket.

6. Too Much Buffering

It is the same internet problem. These streaming services always need a high-speed internet connection to show you high-quality content.

This is one of the crucial reasons you always need to download your content beforehand if you do not want to experience low-quality, less pixelated content.

7. Log In Every Device

There is a mark to every content you see, but the trouble is you have to log in to every device.

Thus, if you have just subscribed for one screening, you will have to login and log out each time you switch devices so that you do not miss your episode mark.

This activity could be quite hectic.

When You Have Free!

Why opt to pay so much when you can simply download things for free in the pirate bay and enjoy all your favorite movies and series in HD and with no internet connection.

The decision is yours.

Do you wish to enjoy entertainment with your salary intact, or do you want to be broke?

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